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Has being shy ruined this opportunity?


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I am a 32 year old single gay man. I rarely meet guys I am interested in dating seriously. Recently however I did. The conversation was very one sided on our first official date and I left the date knowing I should have engaged more. It's a fault of mine, it's not that I wasn't interested but I am just shy and reserved at first. Anyway - he sent me a message after saying he wants to go out again, and so on and so forth. Cut to today, our schedules haven't really allowed for another date but we have plans next week... We've been texting in earnest, some flirtatious. Really randomly today he has a moment and says, he wants to be honest and transparent and because he felt I was overwhelmed and held back when we had our first date that he wasn't sure, and he wanted to tell me how he felt. He then said he still wanted to go out and was looking forward to it but that he just wanted to be upfront. Now, I feel awkward. I naturally would have and do feel more comfortable with him and definitely would have naturally opened up more on our next date. Now, I feel like it's weird. He's very direct so if he just wasn't interested in sure that would have come out. I just really am confused and don't know how to feel or proceed. My natural introvert wants to run and hide. Curious to hear people's thoughts and if anyone can offer advice.

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