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Awkward Encounters


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Alright, so, I just experienced probably one of the most awkward encounters EVER, and I wanted to share it with you guys, because I'm laughing about it now.


So it's my lunch, and I needed to go home to get something, but I decided to stop by Subway first. I pull into the parking lot and there was another vehicle parked there, so I pull in next to it. Well, the driver's side door was opened and as I passed by to park on the other side, I saw the driver (an older guy) pleasuring himself there!! In front of me and God and everyone else!! I was so embarrassed to have come across this guy!


Then I went in to the Subway and he followed me in a few minutes later! I couldn't make eye contact with him.




Let's hear some of your awkward stories!

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Awkward encounters with exes are always the worst - especially in an elevator.


I've witnessed a geezer masturbating too on the beach recently, he was looking at young ladies ''camel toes'', some people are sick.

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