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2 months after rejection she and her friends are still staring at me?


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so 2 months ago I got rejected by this girl but a friend told her she still liked me and whenever I saw her she was kinda looking upset but I ignored her. She even tried to intiates a conversation but I only replied hey and walked away and her friends laugh. Then we had a fight on whatsapp and she blocked me on whatsapp and facebook 2 months later (2nd month we had 2 weeks vacation and 2 week internship) I began to notice she would stare at me. I was outside with my friends and saw her looking at me from the window I turned my back. Then couple minutes later she also walked outside saying to me : I'm not here for you. (She was all alone and mostly she is inside and if she is outside then with her friends) Then a friend laugh and said : That didn't make any sense. Wednesday I saw her again staring at me while I was messing with my friend cause I proved him right and was really happy. Then we waited for the bus cause we got an excursion. I saw a friend of her smiling at me. Then at the excursion a bunch of her friends were looking at me. I tried not to notice it and went talking with a friend. Friday I had class next to her class and I was waiting outside and 2 of her friends were just staring at me so I decided to go into my class cause I didn't feel comfortable. But why are they doing it? They left me one for almost 2 months and now I'm in the same situation before I asked her out

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