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Have a massive crush on my boss.... Not sure what to do.


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So before I explain, I'll just let whoever is reading this know that I recently put in my two weeks notice so this guy isn't going to be my boss anymore. BUT I'm pretty good friends with many people in the company and I'll probably still be going to staff events and get-togethers and such even after leaving. So I will probably still see him on occasion. At least I really, really hope so.


I worked with him for a year, and we pretty much started working there at the same time. I felt attracted to him after the first week. I've been thinking about him for months and months now and its been driving me crazy. He's pretty professional, so even though I'm fairly sure he kind of likes me back (based on the way he looks at me and teases me sometimes), there is no way in hell he'd ever flirt with me. So I feel like I could have a chance if we knew each other some other way rather than being coworkers, but unfortunately thats not the case. Its extremely frustrating.


I'm leaving now and we will no longer be working together, but I still don't think he'd ever hit on me in that way even afterwards. And I am so, so shy so I'm really not the type to make the first move.... plus he's a bit older than me, I'm 24 and he's 30 so I'll feel like a total idiot if I flirt with him and it turns out he isn't interested at all. It's just difficult because I'll still have a bit of a professional relationship with him since he'll be a reference for me and such.. and we've never been anything else so it just doesn't feel natural to talk to him like I would with any other friend. I wish we had been on the same level at least, him being my boss makes it more complicated.


This might just be a completely lost cause. I just don't want to accept it though. I can't stop thinking about him. Why am I so shy and paranoid ugh.

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Get to know yourself better. I'm a very, very, very shy person too, but if you read up on shyness, you'll realize it has little to do with a bad self image. You probably just have a very low opinion about yourself, but you still do a great job.


I've had a crush on my boss too. It is never easy. I respected what he did and he was good looking too. At that point he already had an afair although he was married and that was ugly. It affected the entire company.


If you need to get out of the situation, then do it, but find a way to feel better about yourself. It's possible.


I realized I was aneamic and my histamine levels where through the roof. When I started taking my needed supplements, got some sun and exercise, I started seeing people getting attracted to me.


To keep it professional and gain respect at work, I never made friends at work and I found myself a gorgeous husband with whom I can be brutily honest, even about my feelings about people at work.


My husband knew about my feelings about my boss and my ego for doing a respectable job, kept me out of trouble.


Empower yourself. You are most probably a very competent person. Find the life you deserve and keep your private and professional life seperate and on your terms. That worked for me.

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Oh sweetie,


You're going to be attracted to many people in your life! They come and go. I'm not so shy with men, and I can tell you there will be MANY. 😊


I am now only committed to my marriage, but am still attracted to other men and other women are attracted to my husband, and my husband is still attracted to other women.


My point is, attraction doesn't always =TAKE ACTION NOW!!!!


Haha. It means you're normal. If you keep going to the get-togethers/parties with mutual friends (as the boss), just talk with him, be friendly, and see where things go. The minute anything is pushed, it can "fall over" (so to speak).


Just let things come naturally. You'll do fine (when your human nature takes over)


If not with him, someone else.

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At your resignation party shake his hand and say 'I hope we stay in touch'. That way he can interpret that however he wants to.


This is a good one. Living up to your username as usual, I see.


Why "2" though. Is there another wise man on here? (apart from me).

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