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Girlfriend made a fake profile to talk to her ex bf


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Me and this girl have been in a relationship for 5 months, before me she was in a 3 year relationship. They was only broken up 3 weeks before she told me she wanted me.

We moved in together 2 months into the relationship.


She always talks about how abusive he was towards her etc. She said she never wants anything to do with him.


well last night I got on the computer and seen she made a new Twitter account just to talk to her ex.


This is isn't the first time she's went behind my back to talk to him I caught her a couple months back texting and even a phone call.


but making a entire new page just to speak to him, should I be concerned about this

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Dear daking213,


Her abusive ex sounds like he still has a hold on her. That is typical for abusers; they never want to let their victims get away from them, if possible.


She needs counseling before she is ready for a new relationship. I urge you to help her get into some therapy. It is the most loving thing you can do for her.



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Five months in this is too much drama. And seriously, what is up with the whole fake profile thing? I mean, that's not exactly a moment of supreme sanity there.


Consider this a loud, clear signal of your future and run for the door. Fast. Away.


And you only have her word he was abusive to her OR she's got serious emotional issues and needs to be in therapy to come to terms with her past relationship. Frankly, she has no business even dating if she's still so hung up on him she's creating accounts to talk to this "so called terrible ex" (rolls eyes) behind your back.


Run or be part of a screwed up triangle, those are your choices.

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