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Amazing weather today! My last two weeks in Liverpool! Can't really believe it! Who would have known....Never in my life would I have imagined myself in Liverpool. London sure but Liverpool? I just kn

I asked kamurj to delete my account as I wanted to focus on work. It seems you can't delete your account so here I am again lol My intuition was right! I came back to Liverpool three weeks a

There is magic in this world, it's called nature 🙂  Birkenhead (the town on the other side of the river) during sunset!

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Anything that the Danish do with regards to the environment is interesting. They are pioneers.


It would be a great project indeed. And with very interesting content I hope they will call me back.


Danes, with their -cutting edge technology-windmills need many engineers and programmers. I think they have achieved to cover the largest percentage of their need in power from wind generators and planning to cover 100% in the foreseeable future. How cool is that?

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I got transferred to another team all of a sudden this week. Identical projects though, nothing new. There is me and one senior so at least I get more serious tasks. It’s something.



I did squats and abs today. Am so tired I opted to stay in. I just watched the last film of Underworld series. It was terrible, un-watchable even (new word to be added to Oxford dictionary) . I watched it because I used to like it as a child since the first film was released in 2003 and because the main actress is Kate Backinsale. She is not as good looking as 14 years ago of course but she is still beautiful and sexy.


As we say, there are women and women in this world, beautiful women, sexy women, incredibly hot women, intelligent women, educated women, women how have the whole package and then there are some women. In the “some women” we put the women who may not have the whole package but have this “something”. From the acting world I think Kate Beckinsale has this “something”. How do we call this streak? I don’t know. She has this “sentiment” let’s say. She is the kind of woman that you wouldn’t mind to spend your whole salary to her, to even write your house to her, you just wouldn’t care for anything if you had her. She has the perfect lips for kissing, the perfect body…

Daydreaming again…and I have work to do.Fsss

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I got a phone call during the week from a HR recruiter based on Dublin about a Java developer position. She asked me about the projects I have been working on in my current position etc. The thing is, they don’t hire you if you don’t live in Ireland. She told me to give her a call if I am planning to get there and stay there permanently. Fair enough. I have a friend living and working in Dublin, I could stay there for some months if it’s needed but I am not going to rush this time and make an impulsive move. I sent an email to this company with the Danish project and demanded an answer. It doesn’t have to be a positive answer(obviously) but I demand an answer. I spent many hours for their test, so they have to at least inform me. They replied saying that the process of interviewing candidates hasn’t finished yet and they will let me know when they are done. I suppose not being rejected yet is a good thing. We shall see…


I have to admit, Irish girls have the best female voices. Period. Hehe



On another subject now, I read an article claiming that our political views are in the largest percentage innate. Well, I partially agree. It explains my political views. My father votes left wing parties, my mother is far right, I am in the middle, a hardcore libertarian slightly leaning towards right wing parties, my brother is a hardcore libertarian leaning towards left wing parties. I don’t get why Americans don’t vote Ron Paul or someone like him?. Ok I get that some vote specific parties because they work in the government but the rest..? Why don’t we have libertarian parties in Greece? I guess because nobody is libertarian…

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There is a colleague who says “a month has 5 good days, 4 are the Fridays and the fifth is the day we get paid. But when it happens to be Friday and get the pay cheque it’s double bliss.” Hahahahaha . Yesterday was a day of double bliss. Hehehe.



The new project seems a bit better. More coding, more “normal” client, more quiet. It’s fine. But still I need to take another step forward. I hate being stagnant, every day I have to be a bit better from the previous. I am still waiting for this company with the European projects to reply. Somehow, when I left the interview I had a good feeling although they winced when they heard the salary I expected. I think that if they don’t find any other more experienced developer for the same money they will call me back and try to bargain. Let’s see.



My brother suggested that I should send my CV to an international company based in Netherlands in which he went for an interview himself. Well the thing is, I don’t think they will hire me and secondly I don’t want to go down that road. I don’t care to ascend any corporate ladder, I really don’t give a sh*t. There are two paths in my life. Or I will succeed doing things my way or I will be travelling around the world penniless. There is no in between for me. I know I will follow the first path even with the chance of failing till my death , it’s inevitable.


Ireland as I mentioned is an option and a very possible option. Ireland hasn’t recovered yet from the crisis as well. I have travelled there, I have discussed with the locals, listened to their radio, I know their financial problems. An outsider would tell me, “dude, are you serious? Are you leaving from your country because of the crisis and go to another country still suffering from recession?”. That’s a valid question but I don’t usually make decisions based on logic because then I don’t do what I want and I don’t have the perseverance to succeed. For me, it’s all about doing things my way otherwise success doesn’t mean anything. I need to make a plan though. Things rarely go as planned of course, but you always need a general plan. Anyway, I am a planner by nature I can’t do otherwise. I need to have savings for about 10-12 months if I move there and for this I need to stay at my current job until the end of September. Not something I want but things have to be done correctly this time. I have made impulsive moves like getting on a plane just because I woke up one morning thinking “ok let’s travel today”. I haven’t regretted it of course, I would do it again if I could but it’s a great loss of money. I have something on my mind, now I just need to make a good plan, preparation, training on coding and patience.



Thursday was a difficult day. I was up at 6 am, I needed to go to the bank early, then went to work and after that I went to the doctor to prescribe me blood tests for my thyroid. It was about 9 pm, I was exhausted and without realizing it I turned to the wrong lane and drove about 30 meters against traffic. Thanks god I was being lucky and there weren’t many vehicles driving against me and I stopped and turned immediately. Thanks god I am not dead and didn’t kill anyone….

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Difficult week! Heavy workload… They called me for a third and last interview from the company with the European projects. It was just a 20 minutes interview, no strange questions, just to “get” what kind of person I am. I left with mixed feelings, I don’t know if they call me back. They didn’t like the number of my salary but I don’t think they can get a better Junior Developer and if they hire a more experienced one he will ask for a lot more. I guess that if they run out of choices they will call me. I will find out next week.


I skipped my workout yesterday because I had to go to the interview early so I did it today. Back and abs. One and a half hour. And then 2 and a half hours walking on the beach. Working out is my favorite part of the day, actually it’s the only part of the day I really enjoy and look forward to. Wouldn’t be awesome everything we do to be equally pleasant? I can’t build a lot of muscle by nature but I gain enough to look how I want. I have very thin body structure and even some pounds of muscle look good on me. I am a hard gainer though. But when you love what you do then working hard isn’t an obstacle.




My brother is going to Hawaii next month and to California in August. He asked me to go with him. I really do want to travel with my brother but I will need to spend salaries of half a year for this trip. I don’t know, I think it’s too much for one week vacation. I don’t like short vacation, when I travel I want to stay for a month at least to get to know the place and the local people. Only visiting a museum and doing some sightseeing for two hours in a hurry…., well, I don’t like it. I can do this by visiting Rome for 2-3 days only with 300 euro. This sounds more reasonable. But I don’t want vacation. If I don’t get this new position I am heading to Ireland as I planned. I am searching for cheap rents in the country in order to be able to support myself for 7-8 months till I find a serious job. I have found something in Cavan county. Cavan is in close proximity to Dublin so I could easily go for interviews there.



I am thinking about my brother… I couldn’t be more proud of my older bro. He is such a talented and competent person. He has a BSc and MSc from the best Greek polytechnique, he is going to get his PhD from one of the best universities of the world, he speaks 3 languages, learning the forth, makes good money, has travelled half the world, was a semi-professional swimmer, professional polo player, polo coach, an avid fan of extreme sports, extremely fit, great orator, diplomatic, resilient, wise, very hard working…and of course great brother-always beating anyone who would bully me at school. It’s not only because he is my brother but he is one of the most competent persons I have ever met… and I don’t say it easy. But like everyone else he has to have a weakness, yeap, poor taste on women.. Hahahahaha . That’s my brother.

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I am browsing photos of a Russian photographer on 500px. His models are so damn hot… How could someone not fall in love with girls like these? With their sculptured bodies they take beauty and sexiness to another level. Sexy flat bellies, sexy shoulders, perfect eyes.... Even if I were a millionaire I would never spend money on boats, cars, houses etc but I would spend millions on women without a doubt and without any regret. You can’t take something with you when you depart but you can die happy. If I could spend millions on women, yeah, I would die very very happy.

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It's summer.Eventually . The previous weekend my brother came from Switzerland for 3 days. We had an awesome time. He is a very outgoing person and we went to clubs and to the beach with his friends. I met an old classmate at the club. I asked her to go for a coffee some other day but she told me she had a lot of work this period so maybe later in the summer. Then she added me on Facebook. I messaged her on Thursday and threw something along the lines of "I know you are very busy this period but if you find time, drop me a message". She replied immediately saying she has more work than she expected and will not be free this period but will reach out to me when she is free. She added some smiley emoticons so from this and from the way we met at the club (which I will describe in another post) I think she might be interested. Normally I would be like "who gives a sh*t" but I really like this girl. Haven't had such fun for years!

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So many things have happened at work the last couple of weeks but I am tired of thinking and writing about this subject. Actually I have totally stopped thinking about my job. The minute I leave the building I forget everything about work and I try to enjoy what I like.


The girl I wrote in the previous post doesn’t seem very interested. We didn’t talk again but she uploaded a photo of her with a guy at a bar on facebook(from the posture I assume they are friends-but the guy seems to like her) so she had time to go out and she didn’t message me.


Doesn’t really matter, I had one night stand with a girl and she was so good at sex … Hmm… It’s such a pleasure to slap a nice woman’s butt in the doggy position. Man, that’s an image every man should take with him in the grave. Hahaha. I have to concede that if a girl knows how to do a good blowjob she gains automatically 10 steps in the ladder. She told me a “compliment” I never expected to hear. “I don’t want to insult you or sound rude but you have nice *ss” . I replied “Thank you but I expected something more like you have nice shoulders/back or abs”. At least the 25 sets of squats per week do their work I thought. This period the only things I have on my mind are working out and sex. Nothing else. What I really want right now are 50K, one month in Ibiza and viagra. Ideally a day should be like waking up at 11 am, working out 2 hours, laying at the beach till afternoon and having sex till morning. I am the opposite of the quintessential party animal guy but this period I would love to live like a party animal.



On another context now, my brother sent me some photos of Hawaii. He is already there a week and took some days off to stay more. Well to be honest Hawaii doesn’t compete with Greek islands. I mean this semi-cloudy sky in Hawaii is awful. Where is the sun? Some sunbeams are not what we call “sun”. Greece has what we call sun. Greek islands are not promoted well by Greeks(if they are promoted at all) but they are still one of the most popular tourist destinations. But does a diamond need promotion? No it’s a diamond after all! Another thing is that you can’t swim in Hawaii unless by swimming you mean 20 meters from the beach otherwise you will have to face sharks.

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The previous week I took some days off and visited with my parents my maternal grandmother in North Greece. I rested well, I swam a lot and I had a funny date….


Local market day



(Grandma)Dias, would you come and help me do the shopping.

(Me)But we just came back from the market.

(Gradma)Yeah but we need more tomatoes.

(Me)I am coming but you don’t need me to carry some tomatoes. You have something on your mind gradma…

(Grandma)Uhh, don’t be so suspicious.



In the market



(Grandma)Let’s buy from our neighbor, he has good tomatoes and we will keep our good relations.

(Me) Yeah, I know the small town mentality… Whatever.


Our neighbor has two daughters,16 and 18 years old. The younger one was there helping her dad. I knew the neighbor since I was a kid because I spent all the summers with my grandparents as a kid but I had never met his daughters.(until now)


(Grandma)Good morning neighbor. How are you? Can you give me 3 kg of tomatoes? Hey Irene(the younger daughter). How have you been? You moved permanently in this town I was told.

This is where I got what my sly(but always cute) grandma was thinking! She always complains that I don’t visit her with a girlfriend…she decided to take action herself. Hahahahaha.


(Irene) I am doing great thank you. Yes, we moved permanently here and I am helping dad. My older sister is taking exams at school and she is staying with my mother in the other town.

(Grandma)Dias doesn’t have any friends here, do you want to go out in the afternoon?


I was like what the f*ck? She wasn’t bad looking but she was 16…Grandma trapped me!


(Neighbor)Good idea. Irene doesn’t have friends here either.

(Me)Well, do you want to go for a coffee in the afternoon Irene?


(Me)Ok I will come and pick you at 7!

(Irene)Ok bye bye.


Greek grandmothers play the role of the wingman too…




Walking back home


(Me)What was that grandma? You know she is 16 and I am 25. What are we going to talk about?

(Grandma)You don’t have a girlfriend because you are so flaky. What’s the big deal going out with her for a coffee?




Afternoon at her yard.


Knocking the door


(Irene)I am coming in a second.


Her father was at the yard so I decided to talk to him while I was waiting.


(Me)Hey Mr neighbor. How are you?

(Neighbor) I am fine. So dias, what do you do for a living?


I thought “oh boy, the interrogation part. And he insisted to go out with his daughter”



(Neighbor)Is that with computers? Sounds good! And how old are you?


(Neighbor) Oh, so you are 25?I thought you were 20. Hmm


I saw him skeptical but he insisted in the market so he couldn’t take it back.


Leaving with Irene, heading to a cafeteria on the beach.


(Me)So Irene, how old are you?



(Irene)You look younger.

(Me)It’s the long hair. I should have had a hair cut yesterday. We wouldn’t have these misunderstandings…

(Irene)What do you mean?

(Me)Nothing. So, you are helping dad in the fields?

(Irene)Yeah, we have land we broadcast and sell the products in the market. And we have some rooms to let for the tourists in the summer.


Stayed in the cafeteria for about two hours talking about school. She was the quintessential cute, smiley, care free, farmer girl.


(Me)Do you have any hobbies?

(Irene) I like photography. I bought a Canon and I like taking photos of landscapes.

(Me)Great. I love photography too. Do you want to go to the next town which has a beautiful scenery and take some photos?

(Irene)Love the idea.


Went back to my grandma’s to grab my camera and the car keys. We stayed in the balcony with my mother and chatted for a few minutes. She already knew my grandma but she seemed excited about meeting my parents. Who knows why…


Anyway, we went to the next town and we walked at the harbor taking photos. Then we went to the beach trying to get photos of the sunset.


(Irene)Do you mind if I take you a photo?

(Me)No. You can take me as many photos as you like.

(Me)Ok let’s have a photo shoot. You will be the model. Stand there, at the water’s edge and look at the sea.

(Me) Great photos! Come take a peek.

(Irene)Wow they are awesome! Take me some more.

(Me) Ok but now look at me and take some modeling poses.


20 minutes later…


(Irene)Can you send me the photos? I like them.

(Me)Of course but I don’t have internet connection at my grandma’s.


I could only send them through Facebook because she didn’t have a laptop, only an iPhone.


(Irene)Don’t worry. We have internet connection at my house.

(Me)Ok let’s go back home.





We went to my grandma’s, we took my laptop and then we went to her yard. She had wifi so we sat in her yard under the stars and the full moon. It happened to be a beautiful night.


(Me)Did you get them?

(Irene)Yeah, I am uploading them on Instagram.

(Irene)We already have 10 likes in 2 minutes.

(Me-laughing)Do we win candies with 50 likes?


(Me) Let’s take some more photos.


I took her several photos in her yard. She liked to be taken photos. She did all the funny grimaces. She was 16 after all, just a kid.


(Me) It’s midnight. The firmament is beautiful. Look at the stars!

(Me)Do you want to take a walk on the beach?

(Irene) Yeah sure!



She was a bit nervous because she knew that something will happen. I don’t want to generalize but in the city most girls have had already some sort of sexual experience at this age. Well, she was the kind of girl that she hadn’t kissed a boy ever before and had this childish innocence.

We were strolling on the beach again…



(Me)You know, I can hypnotize you.

(Irene)No you don’t.

(Me)Are you sure? Because I can do it.

(Irene) Try me.

(Me)Ok. Give me your hands.


(Me)Relax… Take some deep breaths and relax…. Now close your eyes…


I let 20-30 seconds to pass and I kissed her on the cheek near the mouth. She got surprised! She didn’t avoid it but didn’t reciprocate either. She just smiled.


(Irene)You see, you didn’t hypnotize me.

(Me)No I didn’t but I can..


Going back home slowly…


(Me)So, will I see you tomorrow?

(Irene) Yeah, you have to send me the rest of the photos.

(Me)Ok goodnight!






And that was a “date” with a farmer girl. I omitted many dialogues of course but that was the general (let’s say) story. I always wondered how it would be a date with a care free country girl. Well, now I know! I admit I didn’t want to go out at first because she was just 16, too young for me and I knew there wouldn’t be any sexual activity but in the end I liked it. I felt like 16 again! After all, are we kids or what?

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Yeah she trapped me well! I am not used to this sort of girls(maybe I need to reconsider haha), but I had a good time!


Nice name, isn't it? I think all the names that contain e sound good.

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Why people think that dating a coworker is a bad idea? I just don’t get it. Some would tell because if you break up then you have to see this person every day. If this is the only ramification I believe that people are exaggerating. When you spend almost all your day at work, are you supposed to start dancing lessons or begin a new hobby in order to have the chance to meet people? And all these because it’s a bad idea to date a coworker? I do fathom this perspective only if you make more than 150K and you pursue CEO positions otherwise it seems pointless. I know people who were coworkers and got married. And no, I am not talking about the “secretary and boss” case(which I strongly believe that the boss is an idiot in this case .You don’t fall for your secretary, you change your secretaries every now and then so you don’t emotionally invest on them. Plus, diversity is good for sex hahaha).



I flirt with two girls at work. Just for fun, nothing serious but we flirt on the lunch break. I am the one who started it(because I like flirting-can’t help myself) and they like it and they flirt with me too. I flatter them and tease them all the time and they reciprocate. We talk about dating and sex and to be honest that’s the most interesting part of the day and I really enjoy it. One is bolder than me and asks me what I like in bed and stuff hahaha. I mean what is more interesting between tedious programming and sex? We also talk about who we believe is the best match for us(among people from the company) and who we believe is good in bed. And when we return from the lunch break the other coworkers always make a comment like “What’s with you? Is something going on between you three” (but in a funny teasing way). Would I date one of these girls? The bolder one has hinted multiply times that she likes me so I am thinking about asking her out(I am hesitant because I don’t find her very attractive on physical level but I enjoy her company). So yeah, I would date girls from work. I understand that I am just a developer and I don’t have any position of power/authority to protect but most people don’t have any “serious” position. I am not judging here, I just have a hard time understanding the “we shouldn’t date coworkers” belief.



One of the subjects we recently discussed with the girls at work is that they believe tomboys are dominant in bed. Based on the looks it seems justified but based on my experience tomboys are usually more submissive and girly girls are more dominant even if it looks the other way around. Sometimes people are the exact opposite of what they seem. This is when we say “I didn’t believe that he/she was capable of this”. It wouldn’t surprise me seeing a prudish girl being the dominant in bed with whips, cuffs etc and tomboys being traditional in bed. I never really liked very girly girls. Not because I “fear” she would like to be the dominant in bed(which would probably culminate with me being in prison and her at the hospital) but I find this style weirdly appalling(with some exceptions- appalling is a hefty word but I couldn’t find anything else) for an unknown reason.


During the above discussion the girls “accused” me of having the eastern mentality. I think this is a very erroneous statement unless by the man being the dominant in bed and in relationship(in a good way) is tantamount with having the eastern mentality. Well, if not being a metrosexual submissive wimp means I have the eastern mentality, then yes, I definitely have it. Though I don’t like the word dominant because I never try to impose/assert myself on anyone(What’s the fun with that?). I like taking the lead is more appropriate I think. But when people try to impose themselves on me I get beyond livid. And talking about sex, if a girl tries to play the mistress to me, well, she will get some bruises.


When I was 19-20 I had some bdsm fantasies (with me being the dominant) but never acted on it, never had the chance. Now violent sex doesn’t arouse me, I like more the “game of seduction” which is basically flirting. If flirting goes well, sex would be (most likely) good because in the end everything is about chemistry. It’s easy to master the “technical” stuff if you like sex. If you like sex of course because although it sounds absurd it’s a fact that some people don’t really like sex. There are girls who don’t really enjoy foreplays. Yes it’s true. I am mostly a giver in sex, I could never be with a girl who doesn’t like receiving oral sex. And it’s a pity because I am pretty eloquent. hahahahaha.


Damn, I am rambling today!

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I bought tickets for LA. Yeahhhhhhhhhh! My brother has an academic convention in San Diego and I was very hesitant to join him but in the end I thought “what the hell, I will do it anyway sometime, why not now”. I am searching to book a room at a hostel or through AirBnb but it’s really difficult to find a room in August. And ridiculously expensive. I have saved all my paychecks since I started working(except one in order to buy my camera) and now I have 10K. Thing is, the ticket cost me 1,5K and considering the prices in Los Angeles my budget seems scanty. I booked for 10 days but I am thinking that it’s the right time to travel across the US(a trip I really want to do)because I will need to work another 1-2 years to obtain this budget again(plus I have to get really serious about my career at some point). So now or never! There are Amtrak trains which travel across the US, I am considering this option. Hitchhiking is another option, I hope I won’t meet any sociopath like in the movies in the middle of nowhere…. Though the last time many country ladies offered me a ride (I regret not accepting their offers because some of them were good looking) but that was in north East. I don’t know what to expect in other states since every state has it’s own “culture”. Staying in cheap hostels is not safe so I won’t take my laptop and my camera, only a backpack. It sounds pretty exciting and dangerous and I will lose my job and I don’t know… Just good luck to myself I guess hahaha

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Yeah it is! And since I don't want to waver whether it's the right time to travel across the US or not, I already bought a train ticket from LA to Chicago and from there to Jackson,MS!

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A friend visited me a few days ago. At some point he saw a picture of my parent’s wedding and some other photos of my mother in her late twenties/early thirties. He told me “Your mother was beyond drop-dead gorgeous, better than the models”. I laughed. I can’t count how many times I have heard this in my life. I replied that she wanted to be a model/actress but my grandfather didn’t let her. Her appearance was her “charisma”.



Then I observed the photo of my parent’s wedding too. Although there isn’t a day that they haven’t argued a lot since I was a kid, I believe they are a good match. They are the complete opposite which explains why my brother and I have so conflicting personality traits. My father is a mathematician guru, one of the best engineers of the last thirty years in Greece according to his colleagues and an egotistical narcissist womanizer according to his colleagues again(which can partially perceived as a compliment). My mother, on the other hand, comes from a very different background and has no aptitude for stem fields but I believe she would have been a good artist. She also has an aptitude for languages. But she is an overly judgmental person, fraught with insecurities (I am pretty certain she was the hot bully girl at school). She ended up being an officer in the Navy. Now, they both have huge flaws but their good qualities are correspondingly oversize. They have been on the brim of separation umpteenth times over the years and they have begged me and my brother to intervene in order not to separate (it has happened so many times that we stopped taking them seriously a long time ago). Still, I believe they are a good match even if they get a divorce in the future(who gets a divorce in his sixties anyway…)because


1) Nothing, absolutely nothing is meant to last forever and it’s ok because Mother Nature made it this way.


2) Marriage, divorce and all these silly notions/ceremonies (or whatever they are called) are a concoction of humans. Nature only cares about the survival of species. Simple as that! Which brings us to the conclusion that if you have competent offspring then your partner was a good match whether your marriage was labeled as “successful” or just as a “failure”. We humans, are egotistical, vain motherf*ckers who have this preposterous belief that we are the center of the universe, but Mother Nature doesn’t give a f*ck as well. It’s all about the bigger picture in the end.

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I quit. Next week is the last week at this company. They got angry at first but eventually they accepted it. The senior programmer told me “It’s good they got angry, if you were incompetent they would be fine with it”. It has some logic. I was considered one of the good junior programmers there and for this salary I was a good “catch”. From their perspective though, not mine…. They asked me why of course and I told them the truth. I want to travel. “And then” they asked. I told them that I probably won’t stay in the IT field. “But you are a good programmer” they replied. The thing is, I have no talent at programming. I am just a good average programmer because I worked alone on the weekends. I don’t like programming. I don’t care about IT whatsoever. And I would be ok to do something I hate with the prospect of getting a better position. But there is no such prospect. The best case scenario is to become a project manager 10 years from now which doesn’t excite me at all. Plus until then I will not be happy…..



I believe I have talents that could set me apart from the majority. I always wanted to be a merchant. I always wanted to work independently. Yeah, it’s true, merchant is a very vague term. I don’t know how to start (or what to do) because living my whole life with my overprotective parents never gave me the chance to experiment with the notion of something else besides stem fields or military. I don’t blame my parents. This is what they know. They could be more open minded but they are not. But the past is the past and I want to make a fresh start. Something I want to do and make a difference. I don’t know how to do it but without experimenting I will never learn.



So I would like to think this trip as a journey to find myself and not just as a regular trip. Find what I want to do and do it. I am fully aware that the next five-ten years will be difficult and I know I will repeat to myself how idiot I am to not follow an already paved path but if I don’t do it now I will live with this regret and resentment towards myself for the rest of my life. I am not and I don’t want to be one of these people who look back when they are old and say “I regret for not having the guts to do what I wanted”. My mom belongs to this category and you can see it in her eyes that she regretted not travelling to Africa or that she didn’t have the guts to stay in London when she was young. She blames her controlling and unsupportive parents and herself for staying in the Navy(which she didn’t really like) because she got complacent. No, I don’t want to be like that. I am 25, I have graduated with honors from the best Business University of Greece, I have spent one year in the Navy(conscription), I have worked as a programmer almost one and half years, I have been accepted for a Master’s degree to half of the English Universities two years in a row and both times I wavered. I wavered because deep down I don’t want to study anymore. I feel it’s not the right path for me. It would lead to just an average pathetic life with mediocre salary. I do something that I am average, I hate, I don’t make money and my interpersonal skills are impairing day by day. That is going to change the next years. Period.

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Thanks Jibs. Yeah, it's a leap and it's not the brightest move but it has to be done. I am not the kind of person who lives with if... I am not running away from anything. I just want to live my life the way I want even if it will be way more difficult. Worst case scenario, get a job in IT again somewhere in EU. Hope not...

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I said goodbye to all my colleagues and sent an email to the CEO to thank him for the opportunity. I will not miss anyone except the two girls I used to tease on the lunch break. One of them teared up while I was saying goodbye. And it wasn't the bold one who "liked" me. People are a mystery....


Today is my last day in Athens,Greece. Tomorrow I will be in California. I will stay there for 10 days. Then I will take the train to MS. I don't have a specific plan yet but the overall plan is to cross Mississippi, Louisiana or Arkansas and then Texas. After that I am thinking about visiting Mexico. I am curious to see Mexico and to verify if Mexican girls are as wild cats as they seem on TV. Yeah, the latter is a serious question hahaha


Fingers crossed and jumpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!

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