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How long will these cuts take to heal? (WARNING: Graphic)

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Looks like there are some old scars in that area too? How long did those take to heal up? Wear sleeves for a while keep it clean and hopefully address this and finding other ways to address/handle stress/emotions. The endorphin release from this wears off then you're back to square one but with cuts. You may need counselling or meds or group-therapy help with this...it's quite common and if you hear from others that in itself may help.

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These pictures aren't that graphic.


The cuts aren't deep.


The scars are permanent, but should mostly heal to look normal if you let them heal.


This is a symptom of a larger issue.... The cuts in themselves are not drastic or severe, but you're clearly dealing with something you can't handle... Some might even say the fact that you cut in such a visible place indicates that you want people to notice/help...


I have an arm that looks like a cutting board at the right angle... Best-case scarring... I have other scars that are pretty much impossible to hide... Not self-inflicted.


Honestly? Talk to someone...


The cutting doesn't help, and what's done is done... It either heals to be noticeable or it doesn't...


Everyone heals differently and the factors behind the behaviour are much more important than the scars themselves.


So just accept what you've done and wear it as a badge of experience... Seriously, nobody worth your time will second-guess those scars... At worst, people might ask if you're ok.

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Healthy person that is eating right the scabs should start coming off the smallest ones in less than a week while in the shower leaving a red spot/line that will fade in a few months as you shed your epidermis and your dermis rebuilds itself back to normal. Unless you scar easily there shouldn't be any lasting evidence after 4 months.


Keep the area clean and dry and please start a new thread asking for help about the cause of these marks.



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They're superficial so they should heal in a few weeks to a month. You may get some scaring. I self injured for years in my teens and I'm lucky to have almost no scaring but most of my cuts were very superficial. Put some neosporin on if you can.


I think the deeper issue here is you need to get some sort of professional help. You can tell yourself 'this will be the last time' but its easier said then done. I told myself that more times then I can count. You need to find other ways to cope or you'll keep harming, talk to someone, a school counselor, a friend even. This is a deep issue that's hard to fix on your own.

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