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You don't know me


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You don’t.

You never even tried 

You got me tied up with 

My hair loose and I’m shaking 

At the thought of your hands on my body.

You touch me, but you don’t feel me.

You don't hear me.

You don’t know me. 

You just don’t. 


You take pieces and write them off

As just another passing wave 

Against your body. 

You leave me alone

Tell me nothing makes sense

You say 
There will never be another you

But sweetheart, it isn’t by choice.

To come across another being

With the same intentions as yours

Would be such a mistake. 


We’re too different you see

Clearly you do

You can’t relate to a thing I do.

It’s called sacrifice 

Risk and washed fears on a shoreline 

It's deeper than you’ll ever be.


Sometimes we make misconceptions

About who we chose to give ourselves away too


I said 
Never be vulnerable with someone you aren’t
 Tied too.

It’ll f**k you up and leave you restless for days 


Shouting half written plays 

In your mind full of games. 

You can pretend you have me figured out 
Only to find you’re filled with doubt 

But certain at the fact that 

You’re too proud to admit

That you lead me on quick 

Only to drown.

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