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raped while blacked out (update)

Loves lost

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So I posted recently about being blacked out and drunk and possibly assaulted. I decided to retrace my steps because I'm the type of person who just hast to find out things on her own.



I called the bank to see when I paid for my taxi and what their company name was just as I thought at 1:27 am I was dropped off witch means my assumption of leaving the bar at one am is correct . But the fishy part is when I tried to call the taxi company (DC LEE TAXI ) just to make sure my drop off and pick up location were correct , it was in a completely different state ! Michigan to be exact the dispatch guy said more then likely the company was using their name trying to scam people , well that makes me super nervous . I have no idea were to begin now because having that info was extremely crucial because what if he didn't take me home or he was the one who came up with me . This is were being blacked out drunk wouldn't have helped .



Anyways here's a recap of what happened .

-went out to 3 different bars Wednesday night around 8:30pm

First bar - 2cocktails

Second bar- 1 cocktail

3rd bar- 2 shots of henny , one Long Island , a beer.


Last thing I remember - hitting the blunt outside the bar with friends and talking to Random people but specifically hitting the blunt was the VERY lastthing I remember after that it was blank . then leaving the bar this is around 1am. I Don't remember but my friend kept calling me according to my call log I answered at one am most likely telling her I was either in the cab or about to leave .


don't remember getting in the taxi , slightly remember getting to my front door and getting my package from target it was deliverd ( I remember specifly the red logo ) and opening my door went blank after that again , came to (not sure what time it was still dark out I moved over to my were my blankets we're because I was in front of my closet ,blanked again and woke up at 8:30am in my pj pants but my shirt was still the same. No underwear on either, I was still drunk and felt like I was getting a bad hangover , I remember feeling tingling and pain in my vagina didn't think much of it mind you I was still drunk/ hungover I started looking through my pictures to find clues from last night , came across a 30min video it might have actually been 35mins it said it was recorded at 3am. That's why the taxi information is so Curtial because If I didn't get home until then were was I , who was I with what was I doing ?! I Began to watch it to me it sounded like I was maybe giving oral or being kissed you can hear about the Frist 10-20 seconds It also sounded like a man was there slightly groning after that it goes really quite I could hear cars passing by (as if a window was open ) you could also hear a slight pounding no moaning or signs of me enjoying whatever was going or even if I was mentally there it scares me that I recorded this I don't understand why I would or how because I was blacked out ! I fast forwarded to the end you can hear someone get up , and walk out (the sound of loud footsteps and the door closing ) I heard my self breathing it seemed like a short breath then the video ends. The reason I think this happened inside my home is because after watching the video over and over I realized the cars passing by that I could hear sounds exactly the same as when I have my window open and that morning my window was open. I also lost my shoes (but found them 2 days later ) still had all of my other belongings (purse , debit card , phone ). Looked at my underwear and there was two white stains on them on the inside the back , (maybe someone pulling my pants down and leaving their you know what there) I just had this feeling something was wrong , especially after watching the video I felt dirty , scared , shocked I live in an studio apartment complex and we have cameras i was gonna tell my property manager to run the cams back. But I might not even do that .


The next day I still had the vaginal pain it felt like this tight uncomfortable feeling I also had cramps. Ended up going to the doctor well rape center after working grave shift got off at eight am and was there by 9:30 am . She didn't really find anything (in the examination ) no marks or bruises said my vagina looks good and I think that's because I had tookin a shower a day before (because I originally wasn't going to go ) the fact that I didn't have any real valuable information makes me very doubt full the fact that I was up all night the night before going to the doctor and sluggish from work and once again not having much information for the police/ investigators and saying things a little wrong (meaning I told them I needed my phone for work , but failed to mention it was because my job is half part time and half on call I need my phone because they like to schedule days in advance ) the examiner had gave me a note excusing me from work and I didn't even think about that of course I should give them my phone because I'm not going to work for the next couple days but I didn't give it now I feel stupid asf like a fool who wasted there time .the examiner asked me if I had another phone I had said no but later on brought up my old phone because I thought that maybe the video I deleted (out of shame and embarrassment ) might still be in there because I have an iPhone and figured with iCloud I could get it back , totally not realizing that I basically told them I had another phone to use they must have thought I was just another drunk girl giving it up and crying rape. I'm supposed to be taking my phone to the station Tuesday and don't even think I'm going to that. I'm just gonna deal with it because like it or not I was drunk as and have to take some responsibility for that and own it . This situation would have never happened if I didn't get drunk In the first place .



Also checked my frequent location on my phone from that night and according to that I was at home around 3am (don't know if it's reliable or not but figured it would be something) if that's the case then what was I doing before that If the taxi supposedly dropped me off or maybe it wasn't in the right place this is why I need to know we're the taxi dropped me off because if it was in the wrong place I could have been walking abound anywhere doing anything . But yea i think I'm just gonna have to suck it up and let it go

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You have so many unanswered questions as to where you were and what happened to you, so I think you should go to the police and the rape centre and follow up with both. If you were indeed violated/raped, the perpetrator needs to be found and dealt with. I hope you have decided to swear off drinking so much.

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