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Opened my mailbox when I arrived home from work and got the shock of my life


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It was a letter from the real estate company who just purchased the building I live in


"This building has been sold and your lease will not be renewed on 5/31. Please vacate the apartment by 5/31"



So now I am nervous and concerned I will not find another safe affordable place to live before April. I guess I am sad because I really enjoyed this neighborhood and living in this building the past 3 years and now have to figure out where I go now. This experience has taught me to always have money saved up in the bank because you never know when life is going to throw you a curve ball. I been at my job since dec of 2013 and there is no reason why I should not have atleast $3000 in the bank right now. So now I have to put dating aside for a while as I try to save as much as I can by 3/19

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