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So I know it's probably completely idiotic to be asking for career advice from the internet, but I really just want some third party, outsider perspectives. Is it just totally stupid to consider taking a slight pay decrease for an entry level position into the field that you want to make your career in? I have a job, but it is in no way related to what I eventually want to be doing, and I might have the opportunity to go somewhere that would very much be related, but I would have to take a $.50 per hour pay cut. Is the opportunity to get started in my field possibly worth the lack of pay? I'm just very conflicted right now and don't know if I should just keep waiting for something better to come along.

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I think the move you're considering is the very definition of not stupid. If you were getting some serious pay or benefits at the current job, I might have told you to think a bit more, but so long as the new position is stable, why not? You can eBay a couple things every month to make up for the $0.50 loss.

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First, what is .50 cents an hour= $ 10 bucks over 10 hours. So, money not really big concern here.


What it will do to help you down the line to put you in your field, so you command more money. That's the question you need to answer. How long before you get pay higher? Is it better working conditions?


Put together a pros and cons list to see if the pros win out.

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