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* Did you enjoy your school years - up to high school? Worst subject?


* Any siblings? Older or younger?


* Favorite childhood memory?


* Favorite junk food?


*Lol no I didn't enjoy my school years especially high school. I found myself always staring at the clock waiting to go home.Also the "popular"girls were catty and pick on everyone.Some of the people were just jerks , it was hard to find anyone who wasn't rude or who wasn't in a bad mood


worst subject was Math.I was never really good at it


*I only have one younger sister but we're only one year apart


*My favorite childhood memory , I'd say my mom was very fond of taking me and my sister and getting photographs of us when we were little. We still have those albums at home filled with those beautiful memories


*My favorite junk food is chips especially "Humpty Dumpty cheese sticks"I can eat the whole back if I could but unfortunately they're high calories. So I usually just have

a handful to satsfy my cravings.Eating the whole bag would use up almost my daily recommend calories lol

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Dottie, what does your username mean and why did you pick it?


Are you married / a relationship?


Ummm Good question, my username was just random to be honest, something that just came popped up in my mind at that time.I wanted something unique from every one .I used a word finder for scrabble and just put 2 and 2 together and created a username. lol.


I'm currently single

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*My favorite junk food is chips especially "Humpty Dumpty cheese sticks"I can eat the whole back if I could but unfortunately they're high calories. So I usually just have

a handful to satsfy my cravings.Eating the whole bag would use up almost my daily recommend calories lol


Now I need to know what these are....Never heard of it!

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What do you like/find yourself doing Friday nights and weekends or in your spare time?


It depends on my mood.I usually like doing out door activities but now that the weather is getting cold, I stay in most of the time or have friends over sometimes.


Besides that I like cooking, especially trying out new recipes.I also like reading books that I purchased or borrowed from the library .I enjoy being deeply engrossed in another world created by the author of the book-delving into the characters minds, emotions and situations.Stimulated by the content of the book


Apart from that I like to surf the web, relax and listening to the music.I listen to many genres of music and I find it relaxing to lose myself in the rythm or lyrics.

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Why did you choose your avatar? Are you a Disney fan? Or do you look a little like Belle?


Tell me about the picture in your profile?


Did you ever go out with the guy that helped you with your tire? or no?


I was searching for some animated avatars images then I came across this Disney character-then I thought to myself why not.It looks cute lol


I change my avatars quite often so it doesn't have a huge meaning to it.I switch them around to random things depending on my mood for no reason at all


And no, I'm not really a Disney fan but I liked the films when I was younger


To answer your last question, no I never did.I don't like the idea of forcing myself to go on date/socialize when I'm not up to it.I've done it in the past and it ended feeling like chore

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* What is your occupation?


* Worst job you ever had? and Best job you ever had?


* Are you a party girl, or prefer quiet nights at home alone?



*I am an MDS Data Entry Clerk in a long-term care facility


* I used to enjoy partying/clubbing from 19 to early 20's but I grew out of it. I now prefer quiet nights at home alone or going to dinner/movies with friends vs Partying. As a matter of fact, I am now not too fond of parties with crowded people and obnoxious loud music.


*Worst job I would have to say telemarketer and door to door sales person , because I am not a natural born sales person.I couldn't sell a heater to an Eskimo if I tried lol. The other reason why I hated it was ,I found that people are a lot more rude to you when there's a level of anonymity over the phone.Also Uninvited phone calls to a person's house are often viewed as threats against their privacy by the receiver. Quite frankly I quit both jobs after few days


*Best job I'd say my current occupation because I have better security than previous jobs and a decent salary.

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* Countries you've visited?


* Favorite color


* What did you want to be when you grew up/ the occupation you believed in earliest as a kid?




*I have only been to United States (I'm Canadian citizen)


*As my favourite colors goes I don't have an specific one . I'd say it depends what the colour compliments. If it's my wardrobe or clothes, then anything from black to crispy white to navy blue and red. For pants, tank tops, jeans, skirts or dresses would have to be blue to earthly and black. For outdoor and nature.. it'd have to be baby blue (sky and ocean) to the orange setting sun and green palm trees and weeping willows to patches of bamboo


*When I was little I wanted to become a Teacher, but I kept going back and forth. One day I wanted to be an Astronaut. Then I wanted to be a Marine Biologist. Then I wanted to be a Fashion Designer. Then I wanted to be a wedding planner. I couldn't make up my mind lol. Honestly, I had no clue what I want to be lol

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* Favorite flower?


* Tea or coffee?


* If there's one thing about yourself you could change, what would it be?


* What are your strengths and weaknesses?


*My favorite flower are creamy flowers like Gardenias, Tuberose and Magnolia. I love them for the intoxicating aroma


*I prefer tea-Orange Pekoe


*This is a hard one, I'd say my Hirsutism. I hate the fact that I grow unwanted facial hairs from off balance hormones. I'm dark haired so its visible. My sister doesn't ,so I'm not sure who I inherent it from lol.It's a pain to keep up with waxing it,especially when I'm seeing someone .However, I'm looking into laser permanent hair removal in the future


*Strengths? I'd say I'm patient(sometimes) persistence, empathy and Understanding. I'm also an easy person to get along with, good morals and dependable


*For Weakness, I'd say I'm indecisive and sometimes take too long to arrive at a decision....and before I know it, it's too late. I'm also easily distracted and can be forgetful. I often forget the last place I lay down my car keys,home-packed lunch in the morning before work - putting my gym clothes in my bag and don't realize it until it's too late lol

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* Looking back on your life, do you have any regrets?


* Have you got any (achievable) goals you'd like to reach in the near future?


*I have regretted very few things in my life but they weren't life altering .Every single one of them are things that I did that I had not put any thought into the outcomes. It was when I jumped without looking that I often found myself at the bottom of some hole with no clear way out. One of them was dropping out of High School but I returned to Adult High School few years later and graduated but I still regretted it :surprise:


*My short term goal for the near future is to upgrade to a brand new car because the one that I drive is 15 years old(my first car). It still runs well and very reliable but I just want to upgrade.Mainly for security and peace of mind. I also like the smell of new cars lol

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