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Daydreams ☪

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Daydreams daydreams

Why am I smoking so much?

Because it’s like forgetting.


Clearing my mind, filling my lungs.


I just want to breath you in,

it’s an obsession I can’t quite grasp or shake. It makes no sense. 


Quiet calm collected- externally

Cold shaken resented - internally 


Explore- I want to.

Answers- I need to. 

Questions I can’t quite put together. 






Is it all insane or am I?!

For wanting it this bad and needing you like it’s all I have.

Every opportunity flashed like a disk,

erased in a brisk bittersweet motion.


All these notions Feel like potions

I’ve been poisoned.

I need this more than you know.

Just to know, So you know,

I don’t really know Why.

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