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You once said, "..."


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It has nothing to do with charm.

Just the honest truth.

You fed my ego with lines like

“You’re a gorgeous being”

You don’t need it.

You look good just like that. 
I believed it. 

I stopped hiding behind bold lips 

And winged tips.


You once told me,
You wanted me make you come
 Alive, I told you I didn’t mind.

I enjoyed tasting you, 

You told me you liked my taste too.


“It’s going to be good!” You said. 

Happy thanksgiving, Merry Christmas 


The rhythm we held In the backseat of my car,

Hips thrusting, hearts caving.

"We had a good thing going"


Was it though?


We were two halves of a greater whole.

Never mine, not yours.


I once told you,
 I trusted you, 

You were the exception. 

You said it meant a lot

You didn’t know why. 

I felt it all, 


You always asked me to text you when I left,
To make sure I made it home alright. 

You told me my driving was gold, 

There was no way to avoid that bump. 

You were right.


One night, one stroll,

Our chemistry was weak. 

Where was your soul?

I walked away 
For the very last time.


This time you didn’t ask me to text you. 

I didn’t even try.


I told you, 
I apologized for the mess I was 
That night. 
You told me 
You were traumatized.


“I think it’s time to move past this experience”

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