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What are you thinking thread? round two, Part 4


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I’m Sittin here on a boat in Isla Del Carmen Mexico, the night before opening day of gun season in Athens great state of Kentucky, talkin to all my friends, think about all the good times had, the lies told, the friendships made, and sadly the friends lost over deer huntin and how when money entered the picture things slowly started to change, how it went from just 3-4 of us huntin, havin fun enjoying ourselves to 13-14 of us, ppl (myself included) gettin mad. But I prefer to remember the good times, all the laughs, the drinks, the story tellin, nicknames, watching kids grow up, killin their first deer, helping a guy I’d never met except on a huntin forum clean his first deer. The nights when there was 10 guys crammed in a 16x80 mobile home, sounded like an exorcism with all the snoring going on. Good times y’all good times

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