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What are you thinking thread? round two, Part 4

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Is there a reason why I exist?

Is there a specific path I am supposed to be following?

The more I thought about my life and other lives around me, I couldn’t help but reach an underwhelming conclusion: no.

This conclusion started at my origin. My birth (and the birth of everyone else) was a miraculous feat in and of itself.

In order to reach my birth, you must look back to the start of the human race.

If any of my immediate ancestors had had children with someone else, I simply would not exist.


The fact that I exist at all is so incredible and mind-boggling unlikely, no one alive today could possibly comprehend it.

This can be said for anyone who was ever born!

Now think of all the people that could’ve existed, but don’t.

If my own mom married any other man than my father, completely new and different people would exist today and I would not be here.

Do these other people not exist because I must exist to fulfill my purpose?

I think it would be ridiculous to agree with this notion.

I think these people very well could have existed, but my mom happened to fall in love with my dad rather than someone else.

They didn’t fall in love due to a specific purpose, they fell in love due to chance and circumstance.

At least, that seems to be the more logical explanation to me.


Therefore, I can’t come to the conclusion that my individual life, has a set plan or path for me to follow.

I don’t believe there is a set reason why I was born, but I don’t believe that my life is devoid of purpose either.

I believe that everyone who has ever existed, exists today, and will exist in the future has the same purpose.

This purpose or “goal” is to realize their full potential and be the best versions of themselves.

We aren’t bound by a grounded reason or destiny, we are grounded only by our own limitations.

I believe there really are no grounds for believing there is a reason why we exist, but believing that we all have purpose is more important and can help us become better people and live in a better world.


It do make one think..........!

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