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What is the weather right now in your city/town/village, Part 2


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Still in the 80s and still waiting for a sign of cool weather here in Florida. We had one weekend where it dropped down into the 50s. Otherwise, it's been hotter than it has been in decades.


Uuuuh!!! I don't know how you folks live there. Lol. I went to Florida in the summer once and believe me I will never do that again. Too damned hot! However, my sister-in-law is taking my son there this summer. They want to go to Universal Studios for a week.

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We got snow! Real honest to goodness snow!!!!! The horses were racing around and playing in it like little kids, bucking and racing each other and nipping in excitement. And then my poor little cat Toby came out to follow me to the barn, just trying to understand what all the fuss was about. He was NOT impressed. I ended up carrying him back inside, because he kept shaking each paw and was going to take forever to get to the front porch and just looked so forlorn.


Sigh, it's a good Christmas when we get snow here. It's rare, but it happens. My friends in another part of the state have invited me to their lodge to go skiing in January though, apparently they're getting a ton of snow up in the mountains. Time to go be ski bunnies!!!! I can't wait.

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Currently 21.6 F. High was 32 F. Scattered light snow throughout the day. The sky looked weird from the office. Dark and snowing. Then then sun came out. Then a dark storm cloud came by when the sun was still out. Then it snowed with the sun still out. Then it got gray again before the sun went down for the day.

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^Looks about like us this morning.


27 F currently. It snowed sporadically throughout the night and morning. It will pretty much die off by mid afternoon.

Still coming down here.


I had to have my son at the college by eight this morning I have to go to work in five minutes pick him up at 1 o'clock and then go back to work. Think it is supposed to snow all day.

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