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The Random Thought Thread, Part 6


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On 10/11/2021 at 12:03 AM, Jibralta said:

No, but my friend has. It was weird, though. I don't think she's a good example. 

You can also look into Lulu:


Cheers Jib!


I’m intrigued now! Was this a corny cringe book that your friend was hyped up about and you glance read and then couldn’t bring yourself to say it’s only good for the fire love? 😉


You are making me think of a similar situation I was in a year back! Hard if you don’t have a poker face! 

Lo x

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5 hours ago, mylolita said:

Was this a corny cringe book that your friend was hyped up about and you glance read and then couldn’t bring yourself to say it’s only good for the fire love? 😉

Sort of. I can't say for sure whether the book was good or bad because I didn't read it. I love her dearly, and for her sake I wanted to read it (and still want to), but I will probably never find time. And that is because my expectations for it are (unfortunately) not very high. I know her well, and my suspicion was that her 'author' phase was just another one of her strangely ambitious quirks. She has never, ever been a writer. In fact, I spent many a night in middle school and high school helping her write reports. I hope her book was great, but I will leave that a mystery.

What I found weird about her publishing experience was the cult-like social media miasma that cocoons (at least some) self-published authors. My friend started accumulating all of these followers and developing online friendships with other authors. It gave her a feeling of success. But closer inspection revealed that all of these followers and 'friends' were other aspiring authors seeking to create their own following. So they were following each other to create this illusion of volume, but in reality it was actually just one big hairball. Nonetheless, these girls (they were all young mothers) took it very seriously.

The weirdest was when my friend invited me to a book signing at a library close to where I live. The book signing was in the basement, and it was more like a bake sale than a book signing. Moms setting up tables with their books on display, kids running around or sitting at a table coloring. An occasional husband sullenly sitting next to his wife. I don't think there was a single outside visitor, just the authors visiting each other's tables. I sat at the table with the kids and colored lol. One look at their lush advertisements told me everything I needed to know about their books. Sorry to judge books by their covers (or advertisements), but... hairball.

So like I said, I don't think my friend is a good publishing example for you. 

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