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What are you listening to? Part 13


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Revisiting R.E.M.

I think I've been watching videos for two hours now.


Kurt's guitar on Stipe, and him breaking out in those little dances.


Mike nodding and watching him like I watch bubbles form in the pancake batter. ("Yaaaaasss kween")


21 years since the Tibet concert.


Effed up the lyrics to Karma Police, literally the entirety of it, and Yorke brushed it off as in "it's adorable when he does that".


It's so disarming I'm willing to pretend someone else made Shiny Happy People and should feel bad about it.



All on top of that bloody effing brilliance. I remember why I stopped revisiting their music. Gets that sentimental cr*p (it's been a while, I forget, can you say cr*p on here?) bubbling up that makes me want to awkwardly pace to and fro looking for somewhere to put it down.


*flips pancake*

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