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A little poem I just wrote :)


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When they’re not asking for riskay pictures like you’re playgirl 101

They will promise you the world when all they really want is fun

If they’re not sweet talking then they want to get to know you in their fast cars

They will say “Hey baby lets go for a drive”

But we all know a drive is a code name and other lies


In this day and age it’s more comfortable to swap bodily fluids

Then get to know each other over coffee and maybe later become exclusive

How in the world does that make sense?

Call me old fashioned but I just can’t seem to comprehend


In this world it’s fine to forget about the relationship and sleep together because it’s easy to do

But we got a lot of people wondering around town really confused

I’m not sorry for not wanting that to be me

I won’t commit just my body to somebody

So stop trying to put it on me because that’s not the girl I want to be

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"But we got a lot of people wondering around town really confused"


So true, and sad how relatable this could be to so many people. I guess in the end we're all human, feeling and going through the same thing in our own ways.


Great poem! Keep on Expressing yourself girl! 🙌🏻


Thank you so much! Glad you liked it!


That's why I liked your poem that you posted because the story was very similar to what I've been through before.

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