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The Rose and Crown ...

pippy longstocking

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Wanders into the Rose and Crown pulling a wagon full of B's ... Bunnies, Bailey Irish Cream and Bouquets of flowers.. Sits over in a corner and listens to the local band play and taps my foot and feeds the bunnies some carrots while I wait.

Sent you a PM last visit, pippy.. not sure if was read because it doesn't tell you that info on this website.

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I saw you say a wagon full of B's here I was thinkin you meant Brownings, Benellis, and Berettas. Guess we got our B's mixed up.



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LoL, so many B's choices.... maybe I'll pull in a different wagon each visit and set up shop. I should draw a horribly drawn pic of what it looks like, maybe next visit.

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