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The Rose and Crown ...

pippy longstocking

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funny you should mention a scooter though vic ,I am just about to go out on my electric bike woot woot ....Foo Fighters are playing here tonight and I live just about opposite where all the bands play . So free concert , so going for a wander now and hopefully get some good sunset shots of all the crowds .


I remember when a saturday night was about drugs , sex and rock and roll hahahah

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Let's see… for a setting, let's have a deck overlooking a clean lake, fresh breezes, tables with umbrellas, comfortable chairs, free refills, fresh breezes… Natural hot springs near to soak in. No bugs. fresh breezes.


oh now that's what I'm talking about



I got to the lake ..the sun was setting on the cars and the crowds where merely dots on a sundrenched landscape ...I stopped my bike ..held my camera up and ........forgot to put the memory card back in it arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh couldnt get a pic

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it's a spa with a bar guys, do hang around. we promise no hair removal and mud masks- it's a fantasy place where are everyone's pores are just fine.


that said, i can't roll, my flare turned out to be a cold. you guys dance, i'll just be sipping my fire cider and stinking the place up with my sourkraut soup.


can we also have cats and puppies and hammocks?

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So it's settled then. A spa with an attached honky tonk bar, Gretchen Wilson will be headlining there plus whoever else someone wants. We will also have a corner where there's a fireplace, the best hot toddies and sauerkraut soup one can find and the place will be filled with puppies, kittens and hammocks. This of course means no bar fights, but that's actually just fine.


Oh and there's a hammock out back in this gorgeous little garden. My pores are perfect thank you very much, so no need for a mud mask for this girl. Just a full-on gold flake facial (I hear they're all the rage now) for the crow's feet and bags under my eyes instead.


And yes Pipps, Gretchen is fab. I totally want to be her when I grow up.


Patrick, it is too early in the morn where I am for Mint Juleps, but I'll take that Irish coffee.

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