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Ex gets into rebound one day after breakup, gets name tattoo of new boyfriend


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FYI this story is in the Philippines ... I'm an American living there most of the year..


I'm going through a similar situation now... dated this girl on and off for 3 yrs.. as I was in and out of the country during the 3yrs she dated or had 3-4 other boyfriends ... usually around 2-6 months at a time...


Most of 2018 we are together she dated another guy on-line never met in which we are separated for 5 months.. then end of 2018- through April 2019 we are mostly together..


we lived in different cites but she would fly to stay with me for extended amounts of time or I went to her city for 2+ months beginning of 2019.... This entire time we are never officially BF & GF as I was still dating other girls ..


Beginning of March she starts chatting a man from Europe - I find out about it when she says she can't see me when I'm coming to see her on this trip I had planned.. she says she is meeting someone.. I get upset about and she tells the guy that she can't meet him because of me...


he blocks her changes his profile photo back to his old finance. for about a week - he had just broken off and engagement just months before chatting her..

I fly her back home with plans to see her in 3 weeks as I'll be coming to her city for about a month before my business trip back to USA.


1-2 weeks after being home she is chatting him again.. then goes into a relationship on facebook..


I call her to tell her I'm still coming for our trip and she says okay.. Few days later she message me is it okay if I stay with you No sex.. ?


I reply with laughing emojis.. and say we will talk about when I there.. she also asked me a few days before this message if I can come there quicker so we will have more time before this guy flys to Germany to meet her..


Its important to note this guy changed his flight 1 month later to meet her as she told him she must meet me first... which should be okay since they aren't in a relationship yet.


around the time she went into a relationship she posts this on her FB wall...... If you're not ready to commit she understands.. but when you see her with someone who is PLEASE UNDERSTAND!


The next week she sends me messages saying I'm so sorry but I can't meet you anymore my family is growing close to the man and I am to his family..


I so sorry ! I don't want to hurt you and I don't want to hurt him.. and I can't let me family down.. as it would look bad to see you knowing that I'm in a relationship with him... I wish I could just run away.


At this point I feel I should have flew in anyways and got my girl.. but I did no contact and deiced to let her see this guy is crazy.. as he told her the first week of chatting I love you .. within a few weeks of that he basically told her he is going to marry her...


less than 1 month later his plane lands he goes straight to her house and proposes in front of her family the day he arrives! They only knew each other in Peron for one day. Less than one week later they get matching couple tattoos that take up half of their arms.. that Say I love you "partner name"


she actually text me the day this happened but I couldn't see what the message was at is was a disappearing message that was gone when I open it.. I imagine it was a photo of this tattoo or a message not sure... only reason I even know about this tattoo as my friends send me the photo ..


I had already unfollowed her almost a month before the engagement and tattoo even occurred so I'm not even thinking of it.. My friend sent me this asking what are you doing right before she got engaged saying she is a good one.. You must be nice to her or someone else will


Now that I know about this tattoo it has really gotten to me.. I'm sure she will likely regret it.. especially if she realizes this guy might be a special kinda crazy.


I've looked on-line I guess couple tattoos doom a relationship and over 90% of the time they end usually within 6-12 although no officially stats on this anywhere.. I'm trying to just act like she passed away and move on..


its just tough as she was my best friend... I feel responsible as I hurt her many times as she just wanted me to commit to her and only her.


he is currently with her for this month then he will fly back to his country next month as only in Philippines for 30 days..


if they are to go through with the marriage and she goes to Europe to process the paperwork to do that takes between 6-9 months.. Unless they got married in the Philippines then they could do it quickly which wouldn't surprise at the speed this is moving now.


a month isn't that long to get to know someone..


- I'll be in USA but I will be back on her bday month this August.. normally in the past I would usually here from here I would guess around this time.. when she is going into a temporary relationship.. She would usually want to come and see me or me go there..


This is different as she is engaged with a tattoo... and she has changed her last name on FB and I'm 100% she blocked me the day after she got the tattoo ..


I'm quite sure it was his idea to do these couple tattoo and to block me.. I feel this was a move to show their love moreover make sure she stays with him forever...and doesn't leave or cheat on him.


any guess to what will happen next.. ? as in this next 2-6 months as he will be gone for many of them..

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