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I don't know why, but I seem to be having a harder time coping with things not working out with a guy I was interested in right after I ended my LTR.

I feel more upset about the fling than I do the LTR and I'm wondering if it has something to do with closure?

My LTR coming to and end was sad, yes, but it also felt like the right decision so I got over it quickly.

I had time to think and process my decision and I'm not one to regret much.

Things with this other guy never even got a chance to start and even though I ended it, I'm like... OBSESSED.

I want to see him everywhere... Constantly check my FB... Imagine scenarios in which we'll run into each other... Etc.


I ended it because it just felt like bad timing and I didn't want to invest in something with so many little indications it wouldn't work out.

We had an insane emotional and physical attraction and I've known him for awhile.

I've always kept the same approach when dating and it's worked out for me... Whenever I "ignore" the little things and try for something it doesn't work out.

I guess I regret it how it turned out.

We never slept together...

How does one get over a fling?

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You're having trouble getting over him because you didn't stick around for the infatuation to wear off. I think you got out for the right reasons, but in doing so at this time, he's still this enticing, mysterious, flawless individual, versus your ex who you probably knew inside and out, warts and all.


Simply put, you're intoxicated by who this guy MAY have been or what MAY have come from seeing him.

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You're right.

It's the unknowns that are consuming me.

I get nothing in life is certain, but anyone who cares about you will do their best to provide as much certainty as they can and this guy did nada in that department.

(Hence why I said screw it.)

Maybe I'll come out of he clouds and focus on all of the reasons it would have been a terrible relationship if it did progress.

For one, the guy is taking forever to return something I left in his car.

He's supposed to be a nice guy and any nice guy would go out of their way to get a baptismal cross (I took it off before we played on the team - which I'll probably quit - and left it in his car.


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