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Workout thread


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Shoulders, biceps, and triceps.


Military press, seated dumbbell 35 lbs in each hand- 4X10

Skull crushers at 50 lbs- 4X10

Tricep Cable Pushdowns with the triangle bar 5 sets of 10 reps, 1 each at 60, 70, 80, 90, 100

Bicep cable curls, straight bar- 3X10 at 60 pounds

One armed dumbbell preacher curls at 30 pounds, 3X10

Standing dumbbell reverse flies, 25 pounds apiece, 3X10


Followed by ten minutes shooting basketball to cool down.

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obliques are my favorite hehe, I got them after a lot of yoga and weighted sidebends. (if you want sidebends to be effective...you need to go heavy weight and focus on the eccentric movement)


You know...I don't like 'em! Not on me, anyway.


I think they look super hot on men though. My BF thinks they look good on me, but I will not be doing extra exercises to build-up my obliques any more than they are at this point!!


Just do it, I'm a fan of obliques on the ladies. Unless they're ultra pronounced.


Hmmm today for exercise... I did nothing yesterday! And kayaked the day before. So I believe working Chest and shoulders, then dreaded cardio I used to be so disciplined with cardio...45 minutes everyday no matter what...getting 20 straight minutes from me is a success... It has to be chasing a soccer ball, or doing something to keep my mind off.


Oh yeah, have beach volleyball today in the evening!



Yesterday was a heavy chest day, and a little cardio thrown in afterwards. If I make it to the gym tonight, might try to do legs and shoulders (not sure if I'm going tonight after work, since I'm exhausted from this past weekend).



Me too, I've slept in Monday-Tuesday and Wednesday

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A joke I was told at the weekend:

If you want to pick a fight with one of two people, which should you pick? The guy who never goes to the gym, or the guy who goes to the gym every day?



The guy who goes to the gym.

He'll be too wrecked by whatever he did to himself the day before to defend himself.

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Legs and core


Barbell deadlift: 225 lbs for 1 set of 8, 25 for a set of 5, 265 for a set of 3, and one rep at 285

Plate-loaded leg press: 5X8 at 530

Abdominal machine: 5X10 at 130

Prone leg curl (works hamstrings) 5X8 at 100

Standing dumbbell calf raises 5X10 with 50 pounds in each hand

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Went to gym Friday-Mon, took off yesterday and today because I've been super busy. I have plans to see this girl tomorrow night, but hoping she gives me a different kind of workout hehe. Friday will be legs day...gotta work dem quads and glutes lol

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I could do abs for 30mns long ago... 200 or so. Miss the six-pack.


Running has become tiresome. And personal record of push up was 40. Even when I was very thin.


Now I enjoy swimming or cycling. Or Just walking always in the countryside.


Used to be decent in badminton.

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I have a 6 pack in the morning before I eat anything lol. I took some shirtless selfies (one of which is on Tinder - yeah, I'm that guy, but only on Tinder ). I'm tempted to post one as my profile pic, for a super limited time.


I want to get more cut, it's so hard though! You can't eat anything!!!

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