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A little known fact about me thrown in here - I'm am not a competitive person in general at all, almost the opposite in most things.

But when it comes to athletics, it's like my competitive drive kicks in. I'm that person who has gotten bloodied feet running , just because I don't want to be at the back of a pack. I don't have to be number one, but I can't stand not being able to keep up. It doesn't matter if my skill level is one at something and you are at ten, I'll try til I physically can not or wipe out.


And this is why I don't go on bike rides with the bf anymore. He's got legs of steel and he can go for hours at high speed up and down terrain. I was killing myself trying to keep up.


And it's why I tend to pursue more solo activities than enjoy group sports. This way I'm just competeting with myself. I listen to my body more, and my ego is less involved.

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^ As I mention in my journal, I'm super competitive in sports and fitness, but no so much in other areas.


A coupe of weeks ago the guy guarding me disagreed with an obvious foul I called on him. He complained. Was bad news for him after that.


And I mean I'm in a lot better shape than him so it was such a hollow victory, but I just can't help things like that.

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Big fitness day today. Lifting in about an hour, then eight hours later playing the first game in basketball league.


This week I also began a change in my workouts. After doing a Shoulders, Arms/Back, Chest/ Legs,Core three days split for years, I have started hitting full body throughout the week. What I've come up with for that here:


For the last few weeks I've felt very hungry, and that's usually a good sign that I'm gaining some strength.

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Hey Happyfrank!


I had ankle surgery beginning of February. I had a bimalleolar fracture from roller derby. I'm about 4 weeks into PT. How're you feeling?


I hope your feeling better.


I'm feeling good. I had surgery April 29th and started PT last Tuesday.

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