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Help...Song for my bfs bday

Guest mkeiner0612

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Guest mkeiner0612

So I thought it would be cute and funny to change the lyrics to Budapest by George Ezra for my bf. I live in Dallas so the first part I changed to

My house in Da-aa-las

My roommate Aa-al-ice

you know what I mean lol, I just need help changing a little bit of the rest. Obviously I don't have a grand piano, so I wanted to think of something that dallas has that's cool. For example the skyline, except try to stay within the syllables so it sounds the same. Then when it says

"Give me one good reason

Why I should never make a change

And baby if you hold me

Then all (these doubts will go away)" is what I will change it to... and the next verse when he says my many artifacts blah blah is when id like to change it to what a girl would say that has doubts... like who's that calling u... etc... thank u

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