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Out with the old, in with the now


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... a funny thing about dating someone with whom I once shared an exchange of personal details... : "your exW used you do x - that's how you would know Y." / "She did? I told you that? I don't even remember that she did that." We have a few laughs over our baseline of information. Yet we are on fire with one another.


The NC period we each took seems to have been a key part of this outcome.

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The weekend = the denouement of "before" and the launching of the "after". Planned intro of fwb, unplanned intro of a work colleague... The privacy fence remains, with viewing windows cut into it as at a major construction site. Vacation ended with a bridge into the future. Sensitive zones that we held as individuals were breached by the couple entity, breached and welcomed, also. My Saturday and Sunday mood included an element of sobriety, like, when one steps back and appreciates the magnitude of one's choices.


I've not talked with Slush since this began; I won't; it would mislead and disturb each of our peaceful paths. Arthur knows my sense that Slush will pop up out of nowhere; he has the same sense with his own past. We have agreed to understand when it happens. I have yet to text the various gents who deserved better than my ghost. I will now, because I meant to do it this weekend. Loose ends are tied off, some clean up work to do.


Eyes forward - he now plans to court my two and I plan to watch over them from a feigned distance, and make sure they feel that their needs are central to the two of us. Kids first, always. I see his mind turning to plan "dates" with them... of course that endears me further.


Off to the new journal for real, now. Private, I think. I want to respect him in ways he doesn't require but would appreciate if he knew.

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