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Hey guys,


Haven't wrote a poem in such a long time, but I felt inspired today so I wrote one. It's about having a good guy by your side, but never forgetting about the one that got away and how you got caught up in his game (Didn't mean for that to rhyme lol). Hope you guys enjoy




I have a good guy by my side

Sweet and kind with his beautiful blue eyes

I never have to question his intentions, I never have to ask why

He wants me to have his baby’s, he wants to make me his wife


He will never hurt me, he will never break my heart

So why am I still thinking about the one that ripped it apart?...


His deep brown eyes came walking straight into my life

I knew he was the bad guy kind

The type with the black leather jacket and a cigarette hanging between his lips

I never wanted anything more than when I wanted him


He took me to highs I never thought possible it was as if I could fly

I watched the sparks explode like fireworks through the night sky

We had only just begun but the ending was nigh

Then he was gone and I never knew why


A few months later he came back around

This time with a girl on his arm that he was showing off round town

It was as if he had forgotten I existed I never knew such pain

But I guess that's how he played the game


I was going crazy losing my mind like no one would ever understand

The nights when she wasn't with him he was my man

But he had my heart and he was torturing it in the palm of his hand


I realized I could be a permanent solution to a temporary issue

I told him I can't do this anymore so please choose

I was hoping he would wake up and tell me "Baby, it has always been you"

But that beautiful boy couldn't quite decide

And now I know why...

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