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In desperate need of a name... help.


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Hey all... I know I haven't posted in eons, but when life is good, not much need for advice.


I'm here now because I have a body of work going up in a gallery in 3 weeks and can't for the life of me think of a name for it.


Here's my concept... I have synesthesia. For those not in the know this is a rare neurological condition that causes sensory signals to be mixed up in the brain. There are several types and degrees of severity. I have 6 different types, but the most significant of them is that I see sounds. So, my entire exhibit consists of paintings of music.


I need to come up with a name fast, because I need to have my flyers printed soon. I posted in another forum about this also, but that forum isn't all that active and I'm afraid it will be too late before anyone even replies.


I have come up with a few names I kind of like, but nothing all that good (sight and sound, sight and song, sound and perception, layers of perception...) I am only lukewarm on all these at best.


One of my friends said I should call it rhythmic visions. That sounds really cool, but to be honest it sounds more like some spa treatment than an art exhibit.


So if anyone comes up with something I like and end up using, you get a special thanks credit and (if you want) a print of one of the paintings in the exhibit. Sorry, I can't aford or think of much more than that.


Also, I really hope I won't get in trouble for posting this. It is not intended to be spam and I am not trying to pimp my artwork.


Thanks in advance!

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I actually like Rhythmic Vision and can't improve on it.


But here are some other ideas:


Seeing Sound, Hearing Light


Art Beats


Musical Transfigurations


Sound Morph


Song Beams


Ear-sighted Correction


Music in Color


Good luck- it sounds really wonderful!

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Mixed Sensations


naah, that also sounds like a health spa


See Sharp (get it? See cause of sight, but C-sharp is a musical note) - nah, still too punny.


Something more direct and honest, like "Mixed Up In The Brain" or some other excerpt of your actual posting here, might be more memorable than a "corporate" sounding description with words like "vision" or "layers". Best of luck, and congratulations on your exhibit!

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