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Changing AT&T phone plan facts and prices


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I'm currently on someone else's phone plan where I have my own line and pay my portion of the bill.

We are with AT&T, under contract and the line I have is on a 2 year contract from what I was told.

I heard that if I at some point wanted to separate from the general plan and be on my own, I could make my own account and have my number ported over to my account and the contract would be considered unbroken, thus not causing a fine or anything for the holder of the main line.

I would love to do this so I have complete control and responsibility of my phone line as I do now, only more independent of it effecting anyone else.

My concern is that I don't know if it will cause my bill to be higher than I can really afford every month.

As it is, I pay $56 monthly because we all split the cost of the phone lines to help eachother out.

What I need to know is 1) can I really port my number, thus avoiding any fine or broken contract and the price of my line actually drop off of the bill that everyone else is on (I don't want to leave them paying for a line for no reason).

2) how much would my own line cost monthly if I did this?

And 3) would it be possible to get a plan any cheaper than the $56 I am paying now? I don't think it is likely but I want to know my options that give me the independence I can afford and don't screw anyone else over.

My work hours don't provide me the proper times to call AT&T and my Internet connection messes with loading bigger pages like theirs in my area so I really appreciate any information or even links that I can follow at a later time.

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