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Reporting the (Likely) Illegal Ice Cream Lady?


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So there's this lady who drives around my neighborhood selling ice cream out of a cruddy looking beat up small suburban. To start with, this neighborhood really isn't very kid-friendly (although nearly everyone has them) and there isn't anywhere for kids to play except for in the middle of the street. Not a great place to have a junky truck barreling through, causing even more children to run out into the street.


The first law she is breaking is not having "CAUTION CHILDREN CROSSING" signs on the front and back of her car. Second, she doesn't have a business license on display in the window (not sure if she even has one to begin with). Third, my neighborhood has a rather large sign at the entrance that says "NO SOLICITING."


Besides breaking three laws, I'm pretty sure this is a major health hazard. It isn't an ice cream truck, it's an old suburban with paint peeling off, and I'm assuming she's just got a couple coolers in the back with melting popsicles. I haven't found any laws for my area regarding what kinds of setup an ice cream truck needs to have, but they ALL refer to them as trucks, not vehicles dispensing ice cream out the back.


My boyfriend and I got into a verbal altercation with her last summer. My boyfriend and I were outside playing with water guns and she happened to get in the middle of it while driving by, so she called the cops on us for "assault" since we had, on an unrelated experience with her, stopped her and told her she's not supposed to be here due to the no soliciting signs. After having called the office (they don't do ANYTHING for ANY issue) several times, we were fed up with her nonsense, so we hung around while the cops showed up to try and get some clarity to the situation. The cops came, told us to be more careful with our water play, and told her she is not welcome in the neighborhood unless she has explicit permission from the neighborhood. She went to the office a month later and tried to file a restraining order against us. She was advised that she didn't come back in the neighborhood again since we can't exactly move. We didn't see her again until a couple weeks ago.


When she came around again, we took photos and video of her car to use as evidence. What I can't find is how in the world we report her! We have her "business" name, which isn't registered in the county, and her license plate number. We live in San Diego county, CA. Any ideas???

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Well if she is selling food without the appropriate health and safety permits couldn't you report her to the office in your county that regulates those things? My guess is its the same entity that does the random health inspections of restaurants. We have a similar problem in my county with people selling tamales out of their cars. I get that they're trying to make some extra money, but they're operating illegally and likely not following safety guidelines.

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Those tamales are Amazing...as are the tortillas...


And the ice cream trucks with all the proper lights and signs run around at eleven PM on a February night...put two and two together already, Huh?!!


I really don't see the point in being a pest with these people. So what if it's a ratty suburban. Would it make you feel better with if was a ratty suburban with lights and signs? Because a ratty suburban fits the qualification as "Truck." So too do the Chevy and Ford vans that are all over the place, I've even seen a couple station wagons. Much ado about nothing except you being in frills about these people living their life in the same place you're trying to live yours...


If you're in a large apartment complex, honestly, thus is life. Save up and move to a place where the neighborhood is gated or to a place where "those people" don't go.

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