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Cellphone hacking. Thoughts?


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This morning I got a suspicious text that made me start thinking about having my cellphone hacked . . . Anyone have any experience with this or firsthand tips to share regarding cellphone security? I already Googled the crap out of this matter, but I was hoping for advice from techies or people who have had experiences with this.


The text had a phone number in it and I clicked on the number without thinking because I was half asleep . . . Then a recorded voice told me that my Visa card had been locked due to suspicious activity and in order to unlock it, I should just go ahead and enter my card number. Well, I wasn't THAT half-asleep. But still the whole thing got me paranoid. My phone acted really screwy and froze right after that, but I was finally able to turn it off and back on, and then install a security app to scan for malware. The app says I'm good to go and there's no malware, but I still have this paranoid feeling . . . If someone hacked my phone, would the app detect malware?

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It sounds like when you clicked the number in the text message, it dialed the number and you reached a prerecorded message that plays that message to everyone who dials that number. that's my guess. The only way you could get malware on your phone is if you downloaded something that was sent to you either in a MMS (multimedia message) or an email or something like that, but it doesn't sound like you did. You just clicked on the number and it dialed it and you got a prerecorded message. They can't "hack" your phone just from you dialing a number.


You did the right thing, downloading security software and running a scan. Provided the app is a reputable one and updated to the latest version, I would trust it. Have it scan your phone regularly, perhaps a couple times a week in the middle of the night when you'd be asleep so it could run undisturbed.


I truly think you're fine.

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