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Can an employer transfer you after you have quit


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I transferred from one (let's call it A) location to another (which we will call B).

I decided to go back to A.

The manager I spoke to at B told me that I would have to give her my written notice and reapply at location A.


I recently heard from my Manger at location A, who told me that he was going to call them at B about transferring me back over and in the meantime I could call work (location A) and see if they can schedule me in some hours.


Once I hung up I started to wonder...

If the one manager at B had me give a notice and said I'd have to reapply back at A, then is it actually possible for B to transfer me back over?


I'm not sure if my manager can work it out with location B or what.

I had sent him a message before, telling him that the woman at location B had told me to give my notice and reapply at A (which implies that they cannot or will not transfer me back.)

Do now I'm not sure if I am still allowed to call and have some days scheduled in at the place I'm returning to (A.)


Why would manager B tell me to reapply at A and then manager A tell me he is calling to have me transferred? I believe he got my message telling him what B had said (I had just woken up when he called so I didn't think to remind him.)


I want to get some days in at location A but I don't want them to get in trouble for working me those days if that's possible.

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