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Any STREET legal scooter drivers here


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I'm considering getting a scooter. The street legal type, that goes up to 40-45 mph, and you need a motorcycle license to drive it. (Atleast in my state you do)


The reason being is I drive a truck, but it's a gas guzzler. And I don't go many places, I hardly drive on the freeway so anywhere I go, usually, would be scooter friendly driving. Scooters are cheaper than a car, much cheaper (I've seen most online, of the used decent ones, go for no more than 1k), so I could keep my truck. And they are good on gas.


I was thinking drive the scooter whenever possible, and drive the truck when needed - to get groceries, if it's snowing or raining, if I need to take the freeway ect.


Soooooo any tips or advice from some scooter or motorcycle lovers would be appreciated!

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