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How can I get my dog back


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Okay so I live in Michigan and my ex in California has my dog.

When I moved, i just really needed to get away,

I had no intentions of leaving her there permanently, I just couldn't afford to take her with me.

He is good to her, I would never have left her in a dangerous environment, I love her too much.

But i knew that if I couldn't afford to fly her with me, I couldn't afford to support her since I was jobless at the time..

I now have a job and can take care of her.

I love and miss her so much.

i want her back but my ex refuses to give her back to me.

The issue is that she wasn't ever registered in my name (or at all, that I know of) so I can't do anything legal to get her back.

For the longest, I didn't put up much of a fight because I wanted to be nice to him and I knew she was better there since she had more stability.

But now that I can take care of her, I am willing to fight for her.

He refuses to give her back.

Is there anything I can do?? Please I am desperate, I love her so much..

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