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All Food In Fridge Went Off! How Do I Get Rid Of The Smell?!


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Hi all,


So I went on our honeymoon and completely forgot to check how much electric we had left. (Our apartment came with a pre-pay electricity meter).


So fast forward nearly three weeks later, we come home to find there's been no electric for weeks and that all the food in our fridge and freezer was off, and I mean off, liquid off!


Oh my god, the smell!


So I took all the tiers, shelves and all food out. I anti-bacterial sprayed all surfaces and interior then sprayed a deodorising spray into the fridge and freezer.


Turned the thing off and left it open all night.

Went back down, still a slight smell, enough to not want to put food back in.


So brain box here thought, 'why don't I put an air freshmen in there and close the doors?' Fast forward one day, I open the door to the most pungent and sickly air freshmen smell mixed with a still off fridge.


I daren't open the thing!


What can I do?


Any tips appreciated.



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Bleach. When all that is thoroughly rinsed out, sprinkle baking soda and coffee grinds in the bottom of the freezer and the fridge, leave in for a few hours or a day...then vacuum out, both draw in odours and coffee leaves a good smell. Good luck. (That sucks!)


Hope you had a good honeymoon

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Thanks for all the advice everyone! I've cleaned the fridge and freezer out again with bleach and have left it to air for a few days! Will then try the bowl of baking soda and warm water - fingers crossed! Feel like I can't do a food shop until it's completely back to normal!


Thanks faraday! Haha, yes it was great! Great weather, lots of travelling, got back knackered wanting another holiday! Ha! As someone once said, all I need is a holiday for 12 months every year





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