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Can anyone tell me if this sounds like ADD or not


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I know that only a doctor can diagnose me, but based on what you have experienced from your own condition or someone you know (please only answer if one or the other applies) does this sound like it could be ADD?


I have a hard time focusing a good majority of the time ; I can only listen to what it being said for a few minutes before I zone out whether it is at work or just in my every day life. It also happened to me when I was sin school.


And I also tend to forget what I'm saying mid-sentence.


These things don't always happen and Idk if there is a pattern but I have had this issue for years that I know of and it happens quite frequently (I'm not sure how often, I honestly can't think >.

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ADD/ADHD is a farce. It's nothing more than a way for Doctors to make money and the school to get out of teaching kids who learn differently.


I know gullible parents who were told by doctors that their kids had ADD based on a supposed blood test. Uh, there is no blood test to determine that.


Everyone has trouble concentrating, especially when the topic doesn't interest/concern them. And everyone forgets what they are saying mid sentence sometimes. You said this doesn't happen all the time, so I wouldn't worry about it.


Instead of speculating on what disorder you have, try to hone your concentration skills. Breathing exercises and meditation can work wonders.

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ADD is not a farce, although it has been over diagnosed these past years.


My son has ADD and he was at a wonderful Montessori school through 8th grade. He went all the way through our neighborhood high school and is now in college.


School life has been extremely difficult for him. His teachers all worked extremely hard with and for him to give him the best chance at success.


The diagnosing psychiatrist told our son that ADD will most likely be a hindrance when my son is required to make effortful concentration on his work.


My son is bright, but was often unable to take much advantage of it.


In his case he leaves a trail of stuff behind him at home- unaware of it. He struggles with time management. He especially struggles with writing - he has plenty of words to say verbally but when it comes down to writing them out on paper he freezes.


He is forgetful of everyday things. He leaves milk or ice cream out on the table. He gets distracted easily from the task at hand. When in preschool, he had more energy than the other children. His sleep patterns are unusual.


In his case he has chosen to take medication off and on. He started meds in 2nd grade, stopped them a few years later. Started up a year later, stopped again for a year, and stopped them in college last year.


He failed some of his classes last year, so he decided to take meds again and now he has gotten one A minus and hopefully an A in math classes this summer.


He lost his job this last spring. The former boss remarked that he was too spacey.


Go to a psychologist to get diagnosed.


There are many things you can do instead of taking meds- look at diet and exercise, brain feedback programs, meditation, supplements, etc. My son has chosen the meds.

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ADD is not a farce, although it has been over diagnosed these past years.



I disagree, as someone who was diagnosed at a young age and forced to take psych drugs all through my adolescence and teen years.


The psychiatrist who diagnosed me spent my entire first session talking with my mother while I waited in the waiting room. Then my second session he spent 50 minutes talking to my Mom, called me into the room for five minutes, then called my Mom back into the room and said I had ADD. Figured that out in five minutes huh?


I think it's a farce because there is no real way to test for it. The brain chemistry of an "ADD/ADHD" person is no different than any other brain chemistry. It's all guess work. It's just another disorder that the pharmaceutical industry is trying to convince people they have to sell more drugs. (PMDD and restless leg syndrome also fall under this umbrella.)


The drugs I was forced to take all through my teen years made me feel like crap. It was hard to sleep, I had headaches all the time, I was always cold but yet also sweating, I had no appetite and felt nauseous most days, and I was tired all the time (probably from lack of sleep.) And all this was supposed to be "for my good." I was sent to the psychiatrist in the first place because I had an "attitude problem" and after five minutes I am being told I am "hyperactive" and "can't concentrate." even though I don't ever remember exhibiting either of those traits. I was told pre psychiatry visit that I was "too quiet" and "anti-social." So where out of that did he get that I have ADD and that I'm hyperactive? He didn't. They just thought, "Well, this girl's parents will believe anything, let's just call it ADD."


I made the Dean's List every semester in college except two (without meds.) I've also been able to function just fine in adulthood (without meds.)


Telling someone they have a mental disorder at a young age and then messing with the chemistry of a brain that is still developing is just evil in my opinion. I really have no faith in our education system here in the US. I don't have kids but if I did they would be home schooled.


OP, are you sure you want to put yourself though this? There are other ways to improve concentration/memory that don't involve being labeled mentally ill and having to take speed.


Just my opinion though...

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Wow- with your experience I can see why you feel the way you do!


With my son- he had been observed by two different school psychologists, and assessed by each one with different measures.


Teachers were included in their own assessment batteries, and parents had their own checklist. We also had a clinical social worker go to observe my son in school- she did an assessment where she described what my son was doing in 5 minute intervals- on task? Or crawling under the table? Or daydreaming?


This was a two year process.


The psychiatrist compiled the data and added his own to diagnose my son.


My son was the main focus of every appointment with the psychiatrist and he was asked directly how things were going. The whole family often went into the room for the appointment although once my son was in high school he would see him on his own.


We avoided medication with my son for three years, but once my son became depressed from not being able to function then we - my son, the psychiatrist, and his dad and I- made the decision to try them.


I have left it up to my son on whether to continue them. As you say, the side effects are not fun. No appetite, nausea, etc.


Some years he chose them and other years he tried to go without.


He just went back on them, and I clearly see a difference in his functioning.


I think there must be some genetic components because my nieces and my nephew all were diagnosed independently (3 families in different states).

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Se now, after hearing your story I can see why you believe it to be real. I haven't heard another story like yours, though. I know other people who were diagnosed also and they all were diagnosed on a whim, it seems. My little brother was also diagnosed, by the same psychiatrist, in about five minutes.


And my parents used this to their advantage at time too, which I thought was really disgusting. I remember my Mom making me and my brother take Ritalin before family gatherings and stuff. I asked her why I had to take it then and her answer was always something to the tune of, "So you'll behave yourself." But I don't ever remember misbehaving at family gatherings as a kid. I was quiet and introverted, so being told I am hyperactive seemed a contradiction.


I also remember my Mom telling the psychiatrist that "Oh it's working great. I barely even know she's home most days." So, you don't want to know that you're child is even at home? Is that the goal here?


But then after a few months she complained that the medicine wasn't doing anything, so they just raised the dosage. This went on for years.


And then after years on Ritalin they put me on Cylert, which I've read about it adulthood and I have no idea why I was even on that stuff. It's really, really bad. And kids who take it are at really high risk for liver disease and other medical problems later on in life. And kids who take Ritalin are prone to depression in adulthood (which I've struggled with for years.)


For a long time I was really pissed off at my parents for putting me through that. THen I realized I just had to let the anger go. Would I be mad if they gave me cold medicine when I had a cold? No. They were doing what they thought was best for their child at the time.


Sorry for rambling... this is just a topic that hits home for me.

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