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DHS is not returning my call


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I applied for food assistance and got a letter in the mail, telling me I had a telephone appointment with the case worker that was assigned to me.

It said that she would call me.

I waited for her call and when she was about 15 minutes late,

I called her office and left her a message (so obv she didn't answer).

She called me back 2 hours later but I missed the call (I had the ringer up but I never even heard it) so I called her back had to leave another message.

I have not heard from her since then but I got a letter saying I missed my appointment and had until the 9th to reschedule.

I have called several times since then but how can I reschedule if she isn't answering?

I don't want to be denied the food assistance because of something that isn't even my fault...

I really need the food stamps.

I honestly can't afford to pay for food on my own

What can I do?

Calling her obv isn't getting me anywhere since she hasn't even called me back..

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In all likelihood, you're probably going to have to wait and reapply. It happened to me when I was using government assistance. I called everyone and their mother at that place, and they just fobbed me off until I waited 30 days and reapplied. It's not uncommon, you just get swept to the side on so and so's desk and they hope you stop bothering them. I only ever met one employee at DHS who treated me with respect and not like a piece of crap. Be glad it would be a phone interview! They didn't have toilet paper, towels or handwash in the office I went to and apparently that's common, I'm told. I had to pack a bag of toiletries just to go there.


If you happen to get rescheduled or you reapply, be SURE you have that phone on you at the loudest volume setting and take it, no matter what. You'll be hard pressed to get ahold of someone again.

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Take your complaint to the political representative who oversees this agency. Go in person and explain that you are getting the runnaround They will deal with your complaint, believe me, and you will get immediate action. I helped someone who had the same problem. They are putting you off in the hope that you will give up. chi

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