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Psychologically Unhygeinic


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I wanted to read the main section of The Times but my housemate has dropped his underpants on it. Eeeeeeewwwww. Gross. They may be washed but there is no way I can touch that newspaper now. I cannot touch anything that has been in contact with someone else's shreddies - regardless of cleanliness. Now I shall have to wait until next weekend's edition before I can read Giles Coren's column.


I call this "psychologically unhygienic". Jews can't eat pork, muslims can't touch dogs and I can't touch beboxered journals of record.


Am I the only one?

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Nope. My youngest child will not touch any food if he thinks anyone else has bitten into it or even breathed on it. He also freaks if someone takes a bite of food off his plate or a drink out of his soda or even hints at doing so. Yet will spend two hours kissing his girlfriend not to mention never cleaning his keyboard. Go figure. It simply is his deal and it's been that way since he was little.


People have their deals, it just is what it is. I on the other hand am so ungermophobic it's alarming in some ways, but I run a ranch and well, you kind of have to get over all that. Animals are lovely beings, but not exactly big on hygiene.

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