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You have my heart but she gets in between my legs at night. You are who I think about, who I pine for, she makes me sweat, moan, writhe. I love you. Everything you say, the way you are, the music you play – fits into my existence. You understand me on a level beyond words. All we have now is words. Maybe one day I’ll touch you again, taste the salt of your skin, and maybe I never will. For now she’ll make my nipples hard, she’ll make me wet. But when I think about you I feel weak in the chest. My heart beats faster, sometimes pounds. Maybe I can know that I love you and you love me, and maybe that can be enough. Maybe friendship will be what we have, and maybe that’s okay. My body will be enjoyed by her, and I’ll like it. But only you have my heart. Only you.


june 21

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