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(Almost) Naked Selfies


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I'm all for funding, but I think people can do that if they want by donating their time and money not by posting pictures.


This is why I was against it

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And this is why I'm still against it link removed





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I'm against it too. I don't see how it can be "brave" to go natural. It's normal to be yourself. There's nothing belittling or lesser in really going bare-faced. Some people would have a harder time with it, perhaps, as some have remarked it is for them. But... The whole concept of that, to me, is to go bare-faced, to mimic people with cancer... Their bare-faced look while they endured it. So... What's the message there? No make-up makes one look sick? It's not a good message to either side, making it trivial to people with cancer.


I see that as a common trend, although. How the majority often assume what it's like for this minority thing and asserting their own concept on it without really... Finding out directly. It's the same thing with being in some minority groups (as I'm familiar). People often assume without really knowing what it is that the other people really want.

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I only quoted and called it out because it essentially collected up the essence of the posts that had come before it in a nice neat little package.


It's really easy to forget when and how quickly the judgments and diagnoses regarding behavioral flaws start piling up, and how those judgments start reflecting our own flaws.


I personally don't like tattoos and I dare say I believe a lot of the gauging is ridiculous. But when I see people who do it, I simply have to remind myself that this is who they are and how they want to be seen - because this is how they wish to express themselves. I don't start asking questions about what could possibly lead them to make such stupid mistakes, nor do I start dwelling on their backgrounds or where they've come from. They're just who they are and that's Ok. Tattoos and all, they're still Ok by me.

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I was talking to my therapist about some issues I was having with my aunt, and he politely pointed out that the issue wasn't me, that my aunt judging me wasn't because of how or what I am - but about her own insecurities and lack of awareness.


When threatened people fight back - even if they won't say they're threatened, even when they have nothing to fight back with...


Yes, a naked girl in your Facebook friends is threatening. For one, she's getting the attention. For two, she's encouraging the neighborhood IQ to drop, AKA, her behavior encourages others like her to do it to. And three, her relative success is threatening to your own success - even if it is on such a debased level! And she's further enjoying something I can honestly say I dare think we would all enjoy at times, to varying levels, this thing called attention. Attention by another name had might as well be called Power, because that is really what it is; when you have the attention of everyone in the room, you have the power to make a statement as an individual, whereas they are an audience of many and you are one. You make the right statements, those people in that audience will rally to you and propel you far beyond anywhere you could have gone as a simple single individual. Such power had might as well be the very root of politics itself, the root of evil itself!


So I can understand if people react with their judgments. With that being said, I've heard said it many times that the single greatest hurdle to women taking over the world is not men but rather their own petty quarrels within and against each other!

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>>She doesn't need a reason to dress herself as she wishes to dress herself. And she shouldn't be gawked at, or looked at longer than a normal glance, or anything spoken like a cat call or that sort of what not. That's what acceptance looks like, just letting people be themselves without giving them a second glance.


the point is this... people make choices every day. And as they say, for every action there is a reaction. Anybody can do anything they please, dress any way they please, and they have an absolutely perfect right to do it and to be allowed to do it. They do it because emotionally it gives them some kind of pleasure or they feel compelled to do it for some reason.


But they don't have a right to control another person's reaction to what they do either. So it's fine if they want to post pictures of themselves in their lingerie 10 times a day if they enjoy it. BUT they don't have a right to think that other people should like it or have no opinion on it, because other people are also entitled to their own feelings and opinions! So if they want to do it, have fun, do it! But don't expect that other people have to like it or think it is 'fun' or wise to do it, because other people are entitled to their own emotions, feelings, judgments, and evaluations too.


It doesn't make sense to say that anyone on the planet has the right to act in any way they want, and everyone else isn't entitled to have their own perceptions and feelings about what that person has done.


Acceptance is not about mind control of the observers or controlling another person's feelings or expecting them to like what you do no matter what you do, it is about recognizing someone else has a right to post pictures in her panties if that makes her happy. BUT it doesn't mean that YOU have to like it or think it is a good thing or not have an opinion about what is driving that behavior etc., as long as you respect that person's right to do as they please.


That person doing the posting doesn't have the right to control how you perceive it any more than you have the right to control what she should wear or not wear in her photos. It is lack of acceptance if you try to persecute the person, but not if you have personal thoughts or feelings or try to evaluate why they behave the way they do. One is their action (which they have a right to do), and the other is your reaction (which you have a right to have and can't avoid having unless you're brain dead and don't observe what that person is doing). Where acceptance comes is allowing the person to do what they want to do, without trying to control and stop them from doing it.

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So I can understand if people react with their judgments.
We are, all of us, a judgemental species at heart. It doesn't matter who you are, what you look like or what you do, everyone is going to judge you because that is what we are hard wired to do. Is this person a friend or a threat? Are they attractive or not? Do they look like they could help us or not? You could show the same image to a group of people and they will make positive judgements (wow! she is really pretty) and negative ones (she is really full of herself) based on their own perceptions and experiences. This is never going to change.


For everyone who gives this half-naked selfie posting woman (and please, someone make a rap song with that title) positive attention, there will be someone who gives her negative attention. You can say attention is power or question her motives or judge her appearance or whatever (all of which is just another form of judgement) but it's not going to change or affect anything. She will keep doing it as long as she wants to and will experience whatever she gets out of it until she decides to stop. So if your judgement is that you can't stand it, block her. If your judgement is that you want to see more, encourage her. If your judgement is that you're sick of people like this (however you perceive them), get off Facebook and delete your account. None of us knows what goes on in another person's head and motivates them, we can only follow (or control) what motivates us.

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Your line of thought is the same reasoning used to justify all ill manner of interaction that we know is wrong, and yet is done any way "because someone just can't help themselves."


You do have a right to your thoughts. How you act and react on them is a different manner altogether. And you CAN change how you react, if you choose to do it; the more you do it, the easier it becomes to not react.

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We're not robots and everyone responds to stimulus in their world... People have a right to their own opinions and shouldn't have to change how they respond to stimulus just because you decide it is more politically correct for them to respond in a certain way or the way YOU'D like them to respond.


As long as the OP's not posting something like 'you tramp' on the nude girl's page in response to a photo, the OP has a perfect right to feel/react/wonder any way she wants about it. The girl posting the photo is her own person, and so is the OP viewing that photo. Neither person's rights take precedence over the other's.

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I think the best thing to do, as someone once told me, is to be reserved in your judgment. We can't help judging sometimes, even for a microsecond for something so little or petty; however, it's wise to keep ourselves in check and to reserve our judgment until we get better information directly from the source. We have to "judge" in a way for our own safety sometimes.


Like for the topic at hand, I'm going to wonder, but I'd rather really get to know her personality more before I decide.

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Every single person on this thread has an opinion -- in this case, about opinions.


Something to keep in mind.


Opinions aren't destructive until they attempt to stop other people from having them. And like Willow said, when they refuse to be changed when a compelling challenge is presented.

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