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I have reconnected with a guy a dated long time ago. Things have going very well with him. Last month we were talking about moving in together and started to make plans for it. Since it's a long distance reltionship we were talking about which city etc. We hadnt finished all the planning but we were both looking forward to it. In the last week or so when I bring up the topic since I would have to give notice at my apartment i asked him what month would we be moving.

He started to stall said May then the next day said oh i dont know maybe in the summer. He doesnt seem to want to discuss any plans anymore all he talks about is sex. When I ask if there is something wrong if he wants to cancel our plans he says no but doesnt say much of anything else.

I feel lately I have been putting all the effort into the reltionship and he just doesnt seem to want to talk about things just sex.


I guess my question is there a point to even plan anything with him? Is he acting this way cause he wants me to break up with him? Or does he have cold feet or stalling?

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