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Approaching stranger at work


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There is an absolutely beautiful girl at my work that I would love to get a chance to know better. While I am not 100% positive since we've never spoken before, I feel as though she might also be interested. On numerous occasions, when she walks past my office in the morning, I've caught her taking a glance inside in my direction. I've never really seen her smile when our eyes meet but she will usually look away immediately afterwards. In my mind, this is probably enough of an invitation from her to warrant making conversation. The only problem is that it is difficult to arrange a "by-chance" meeting in the halls where I could introduce myself and get the ball rolling. The only other option I can think of is to literally flag her down next time I catch her walking by.


My fear, of course, is that this will potentially not go over well and only scare her away from future encounters as it could make her uncomfortable. So I wanted to pose the following question to see what people think:


Would you consider someone running out of their office to introduce themselves an acceptable approach? Or should I just bide my time and wait for our "by-chance" meeting? I feel like time is of the essence and that the longer I wait, the more likely I will be viewed as unapproachable/undesirable. Any advice/input would be great (especially from the ladies!)


P.S. I work in a research-based company that has about 5000 employees so I am not so worried about mixing business and pleasure.



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I'd wait for the meeting or create the meeting...



if you should figure out her morning routine, and drop something in front of her (a bunch of folders), and then pick it up and joke about how clumsy you are...and hopefully she helps you pick it up and then you say...thank you so much , maybe I can repay you with a coffee or perhaps, candlelight dinner.


Can't get on base if you don't swing... in this case you'd be pitching to yourself

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