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Low testosterone


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I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years. From the beginning of our relationship I was aware that he suffered from very low testosterone as a symptom of a much larger health issue that he use to have. Now that his overall health has much improved, the low testosterone remains. So far, hormone replacement and pills have had an extremely limited affect on his sex drive.


I am in my late 20s and he is in his early 30s. He has been going to the doctor regularly and has been trying a variety of treatment options, but as of late we will go months between having intercourse.


I am so much in love with him and he does try to make it up in different ways (ie: oral sex, being there when I masturbate, etc), but this is a very frustrating situation and it is undeniably driving us apart. He and I are both very sexual people. I will always support him and be by his side through this, but he does find it very difficult to talk about. We are arguing more and more as the gap between our love-making continues to widen.


I didn't find it as difficult to cope with at the beginning of our relationship, but after 2 years I am starting to feel a loss of overall hope that it will ever get better.


Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas of what I could do to support him more?


Thank you!

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I'm not sure what else you can do except do what you've already been doing. If sex is a big part of a relationship it may be time to move on, because in reality if he's tried all the meds and they still are not working, it's not going to get better.


You just have to accept him as he is and be happy with no sex or move on to someone who can give you what you want.

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