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i wrote him this poem how i was feeling today


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Wrote ex this poem i have found it difficult since he broke up with me ... I loved him alot and i have been heartbroken ever since


At my desk i thought of you today but that is nothing new.... I sat in my office chair wanting to text you how much i loved you.... I picked up my phone Looked at your name wondering wether to call .. I Looked at your photos laughed Then i sat and quietly cryed Because i missed you... I Looked at the rose photo and thought of the rose at home still sat on my fireplace... Then i cryed somemore remembering that day i opened my door and smiled at a rose youd left for me... How happy i was... I never thought youd do that for me.... I felt Soo happy that you had thought of me.... Sometimes i see things and want that for us when i see à romantic holiday i want us to go lay on a lounger together splash in the sea make love in the sand exsplore all the fun placés hand in hand.... When i lay in bed at night i imagine all the wonderful things.... That we can do together or even thinking something as simple as thinking how safe you make me feel with your arms around me... You make me smile you make me laugh you make me laugh smile and cry alltogether I thought of you yesterday and the day before that too... Lieing alone in bed last night i wanted you... I wanted your arms around me i want us to be making love all night like we usually do for everyday. No matter where im always thinking of you.... Even when im with my family and friends im wondering what your upto....the things iv done when where together was to look after love make you happy....

In my heart your there today tomorrow my whole life through

Just know that im here really missing and really loving you...

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