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Is she interested in me?


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There's this girl I like and I've liked her for a while, but I've always felt that she was unattracted to me, so I've never bothered asking her out.


The other day we were having a conversation and there was a few minutes of silence between us, I was busy texting a friend on my phone and out of nowhere she asks me if I have a girlfriend and I tell her I don't (I don't, I'm single) and I ask her and she says she is seeing someone but she has examinations coming out so that's leaving with her not much time for anything these days, I wish her all the best with this guy and her examinations and a while later we exchanged phone numbers as we have mutual friends and she wants to have a friends gathering at a later date.


I didn't think anything of the conversation at first but it has been playing on my mind somewhat and whether or not she is interested in me? One half of my says "it's a possibility" but the other half says that she just sees me as a friend and it's wishful thinking on my part.


Another weird incident happened between us a few months ago, I hadn't seen her in a year and a half and after a small catch up and she said to me "I want a boyfriend, you'll have to help me find one". I found that quite strange and really didn't know how to answer her, but I got the impression that I was just seen as a friend by her and she wanted me to introduce her to some of my friends or single guys that I know.


I'm bit confused at the moment and as much I want to ask her out for coffee, I'm apprehensive as it could make things awkward between us if she only views me as a friend and nothing else and I don't know whether to ask her out, especially as she is seeing someone.

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Thanks for the replies.


I have to agree and think that I'm in the friend zone and I can't say I'm overally surprised or bothered by this when I perhaps should be.


As for her introducing me to her friends, I can't be bothered with all of that if I'm honest.


Albert Einstein had a great definition for the word 'insanity' and that's my perception of things. Why keep trying the same things over and over again and expecting a different result? I'm not delusional nor am I desperate to have a woman in life. This part of my life has been an umitigating disaster from the get go and it's gotten to the point now where I am so disillusioned with it all that I have abandoned it, it's no longer a real priority to me and I am content with expanding on my career ambitions and enjoying my life in the best way I can to be.


I apologise for my rather negative outpouring, but I shall make haste, good day to you both.

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