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return an engagement gift from his father?

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Aren't we discussing a watch? Compensation would be money, not a watch. If I kept the gift watch I would constantly be reminded of the broken engagement, and that would not in healing. It's a very symbolic item. I don't understand the popular view of keeping it as compensation, and I think returning it is an act of power and symbolic of removing him from your life.



Ok. I missed that it was a watch. My advice stills stands about not returning it when she is hoping to do it to hear from him. If that means she needs to wait a day or three weeks to be able to send the watch back with no lengthy note included and she is at a place where she can simple send it (with tracking to make sure it gets there because it is a costly item) with the minimum amount of inclusions in it - then do it. But if she is at a place where she is going to send a lengthy note or a short biting note etc, or anything about how she is doing, she needs to stop. Research on the best and most secure way to send it back - but don't do it with any intention or with any other material that would compell or hint at a response from him.


But like is say - if she is heavy in the lurch left with all the bills from the deposits - i would sell it and get myself out of the red if he left her high and dry on that.

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