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Im 16, He's 17. Basically I'm wondering if a boy would still talk to a girl if he had feelings for her after telling her that he made a mistake (2 days after break up), but then not mention it again in person. We still talk and walk to classes like we used to. How should I confront this? It has been about 5 days since the breakup. We were in a 5 month relationship and future college plans were discussed.

Is he discouraged because I kind of ignored him in the morning, the day after he mentioned this? Or would he wait for a while and then bring this up? I really need advice. Thanks!

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Without us knowing him and the background, it is difficult to offer much valuable advise.


As someone who is 12 years older than yourself, I can safely promise you that this guy is not the most important person who will ever enter your life. You are going to meet SO MANY new people once you leave high school - at work, at college, and for the rest of your life.


He appears as the most significant person in your life right now because (I'm going to take a wild guess here) he was probably your first serious relationship.


The truth is, teenage boys are almost impossible to decode (in fact, so are teenage girls). My best suggestion would be to ride it out, and don't place so much importance on him.


At the end of the day, you two broke up, you have remained friends, and you are being the nice, easy going girl who is just taking it one day at a time. Make it known to him that you are open to talking about the breakup and where you stand in the future, and he will open up to you if/when he is ready.


As much as you want answers, your life is not ending. In fact, it's just beginning. Don't be too anxious to get things resolved right this minute, because it will just make him feel pressured.

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