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How does one with autism or something similar find love?

Peter SC

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Yeah. It's just too damn hard. I already go to a place for autism related people and they have EVERYTHING there from job seeking help to drop-in times, or whatever. Everything but a damn girlfriend.


Seriously, I hate being alone. I'm a free man. I could go out, do stuff, or get hammered if I wanted to. But look around you. Who would notice or care? Yet if I don't do anything, people think I'm lazy or making excuses. I was on one other forum (link removed) and one fellow autistic person said what I endured was nothing that bad.


Living with autism and anxiety is hard. Yet all I need to do is preach about it to people that I know and then they think I'm just moaning. My friend from upstairs hates it too. He knows that no matter where you go or what we try, no-one notices us or cares. But still, people think we don't try hard enough.


Then there's Facebook and ex partners. Nobody wants to know. Seriously, I feel like I'm invisible to society, save for one or two people.

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Autistic people are generally very very very intelligent in my view, I think you'd be surprised how many people have a little bit of autism in them I used to work with a few autistic kids and yes they were challenging They do tend to get obsessed with a particular issue and can't let it go. Maybe focus on the positive aspects of your life, if you don't have any create some! Focus that positive energy, no one likes a negative Nelly too be honest! I'm sure you will find a girlfriend in due time, but what are you looking for? Another girl with autism? Bad move imho, I'd want someone who understands me but doesn't have the same condition.


Are you on any medication? Usually it's respiradol and concerta. Are you on those meds? If not they could help your mood.

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No. I'm not on any medication. I haven't even been sleeping at the correct times. I tried to go to bed early a few nights ago and I still got up early. I drank coffee and still went to my bed about 1 PM because I was feeling knackered. I never got back up until midnight. I stayed up a while, then went back to bed. That was only last night, though.


I think my support worker doesn't care about me anymore. I made a thread about it. Check it out.


I know she does key work for other people now. I haven't had any support shifts with her in ages. I fear I'm being replaced. What do you think?


I think I screwed up with her anyway. I opened my mouth too much about my sex life, among other things. She knew I liked her, too, so she's probably not comfortable with me anymore. It's not like she can outright say it because I'd be upset by her words. I mean, her job is to care for me after all. But yeah - I think she's not interested much anymore. She also knows Joanna was banned from working with me for something not too dissimilar.


When I go to see her in the morning in flat 1 if she's slept over the previous night, she tries to get me to leave quickly. Well, I have autism and live in supported housing. This Sara is Spanish and she's my key worker. But now I think she doesn't give a damn. She never even emails me my shifts for the week ahead. How could she really forget?


Something tells me I'm going to get replaced behind my back.

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I'll try to explain the WHOLE STORY in a nutshell without sounding complicated.


I've only ever really had one girlfriend. Just one (not counting one other broad I briefly went out with). I never even had sex with her the first time I knew her. That was back in 2005. She never cared about me, ever. She was a gold-digger then, she was a gold-digger in recent years. I cannot be bothered listing EVERYTHING she did. It's just too complicated to piece together what occurred beginning from when it all transpired and quite frankly, it's too sore on the peepers. But there is a lot of reading material there. I could write a best-seller, get rich and then blow my brains out with a shotgun because I'd be bored from making all that money from my own manuscript.


Well, maybe not.


Over the course of many long and lonely years, I've tried to get a girlfriend, but it just hasn't happened. People have been VICIOUS towards me and made my life hell. I've never even gone on a date since Bill Clinton was in office. All the nice girls I meet are either gay, they're flying back to or they are taken, engaged, not allowed to date me because it's due to the professional boundaries. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah Dee. Dee. Blah. Sigh. Yawn.


I'm highly socially inept, which would surprise people, A LOT. I have tons of knowledge about music and horror films (if that's your topics of interest). I know I'm a nice guy. But due to some controversial incidents, I've been left alone. I've been bullied. Branded a stalker. Rejected from groups. Forums. Places. You name it. I'm basically everybody's juice can to kick around.


Even seeing escorts is a waste of time and money because I cannot get an erection. Seriously, I've paid out of my nose to shag many women in every hole and they do not turn me on. They also don't care about me as a person and they're not shy about hiding it. Basically, all they want is your cash and they want the sex over as quickly as possible. When I ask to kiss them, they don't want to kiss. It's no wonder my love truncheon remains flaccid. They don't make me feel relaxed.


A typical week involves me just going on the laptop, being on it practically all day, doing nothing with my life. I'm basically just on it to pass the time.


I rarely go out. I suffer from anxiety. I even had to get my own hair trimming kit. I get nervous just going to a barber for to get my hair shaved off. I'm basically screwed for good, all because of one panic attack I suffered. How will I ever be able to fly on a plane or do anything?


Right now, my body is burning up. I could have hypertension for all I know. So basically, if you couldn't be bothered reading all that, I know I'll be alone forever, never doing anything to meet people again, because "the machine" doesn't want me to have any success.

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